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  1. Anti Brown.

    I am previliged to be able to attend at Boots&Laces to watch the training sessions regularly. When you see the camraderie between the players and the banter with the
    manager, and the manager partaking in the sessions, I'ts not surprising the respect
    he gets from the squad. In all my years supporting the blues since 1970 when chisnal
    and firmanii where about I've not seen a better manager.
  2. F1 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by Ricey View Post
    Nico Rosberg retires from F1! Did not see that one coming and that will make for interesting close season to see who will take his seat.
    I understand his thinking. To be the best in the world must be great. To repeat it must be an anti-climax.
  3. Alan Moody

    I have been a close friend to Alan for over 40 years. I was shocked when he rang me on the eve of both his operations to tell me about the amputations.
    I wrote to Ron Martin to inform him of the sad news. I included his address and phone number but there was no response from him..
    However Ray Davey rang me. He did his best and managed a very small report in the first programme of the season.
    I had to ring the Echo 3 times before they reluctantly printed a small report.
    He ...
  4. Away Day Blues

    Hartlepool – Victoria Park

    This afternoon I travelled to the north east for the first away game of the season which gave me an early opportunity to run the rule over Mr Brown’s boys as he hopes to guide the blues to automatic promotion in his first full season in the Roots Hall hot seat. As with every close season, there have been plenty of comings and goings, so I was interested to ...

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    Away Day Blues
  5. Away Day Blues

    York City – Bootham Crescent

    With last weekend’s results going Southend’s way, the mighty shrimpers’ season has suddenly been reignited and a play-off place is still just within their grasp. However, they must win both of their remaining games starting this afternoon against the minstermen. York also needed the points, but by contrast they are at the wrong end of the table, desperately trying ...

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    Away Day Blues
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