• TZ Travel to Shrewsbury Town 12-9-17

    The TZ Travel service to
    Shrewsbury Town
    Kick off 7-45pm TUESDAY 12TH September 2017

    Prices set at ONLY 20 per seat.

    SEAT AVAILABILITY: Seats available
    Our usual high class service as always, Free Drinks, Goodies and games included.

    It's easy T-Ze to book a seat and you can either PM me here on ShrimperZone; alternatively Text or Call on the T Z Zone Phone hotline on:


    Please see the Terms and Conditions of Travel in our TravelZone Section.


    KENT ELMS Car Show room Bus stop. Rayleigh Rd 12-40

    BELL CORNER, Pub bus stop 12-45

    Blue Boar Bus stop..Opposite pub. 12-50

    The Elms PH.....Bus stop 1-09

    Hadleigh ...London Rd (top of Woodfield Rd) 1-15

    Tarpots Bus stop nearest Saddlers Farm 1-25

    Pitsea,opposite Aldi bus stop. 1-30

    Watermill Bus stop...
    Eastmayne, opposite Longmans Motors 1:35
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