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Thank you West Stand Steward

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For the Scunthorpe game I brought a grandson & his friend who already had tickets which meant a diversion via Rudgwick & Horsham in Sussex. Leaving home at 12.00 is normally more than enough time BUT the M23 was closed near Gatwick despite my having checked online before leaving home. Thus we heard on the A127 Blues were a goal down. I drove up Shakespeare Avenue & dropped my passengers off. Luckily there was an empty parking spot in that very road, but I was faced with a long walk to the ticket collection office & back again. However I waved at a steward inside the ground who kindly came to the turnstiles & when I explained my bad fortune & showed him my email acknowledgement he checked via his walkie talkie & let me in.
THANK YOU. I could have been met by a jobsworth but this steward was very very helpful. CHEERS.

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