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Thread: Daniel Bentley

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    Default Daniel Bentley

    Couldn't see another thread for Dan, and can't remember any specific songs for him, so here goes:

    To the tune of "The one and only"

    He is the one and only,
    There's no keeper i'd rather see
    Bentley!! The one and only
    And he's from Southend-on-Sea (well, Wickford, but you get the gist)
    Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien @matthewevans43

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    Pretty hard to make 'the one and only' a terrace chant but good lyrics and nice try.

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    I'm looking forward to a rendition of:

    "Southend's Number 1, Southend's, Southend's Number 1!
    England's Number 1, England's, England's Number 1!

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