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Thread: Ditty for Mr Brown

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    Default Ditty for Mr Brown

    Having just returned from a generally successful poetry tour of South East Essex & taking inspiration from those delightful chaps in the singing & dancing sector I have turned my wrinkled hand to football chanting.
    I have composed the following in tribute to our fearless leader - Mr Brown -

    "There's only one Phil Brownee,
    One Phil Brownee,
    Walking along,
    In his flip- flops & thong
    With his suntan lotion in his 'and"

    To the tune of Winter Wonderland if you haven't guessed.
    Not particulalrly original I know but a gal has to start somwhere.


    Mrs Baylock.

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    We all love Phil
    Watching his team play is brill
    They have so much skill
    To sign our players Man U would kill
    Ron told LVG to chill
    You can have them all for just over a £Mill

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    Both very good efforts , but guess after today , the lyrics may need a re-think.

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    Don't let those negative thoughts fester,
    Yes, I know we lost to Chester,
    Don't forget we will have lots of fun,
    When they re-create last January's run,
    They' ll drop some many points,
    We better start smoking some joints,

    (Please note I in no way condone the use of illegal substances)

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    Rosies are red violets are blue your tactics are **** and so are you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannypav View Post
    Both very good efforts , but guess after today , the lyrics may need a re-think.
    Yes - Possibly - the last line perhaps . Substitue the words "Suntan Lotion"with "P45".
    Almost certainly a better substitution than any I saw on Saturday.

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