Once again Chris Eubank Jr gets found out by someone who is at world level. People talk about his win over Yildrin who was a relative unknown before the fight. He's too small for SMW and he really won't be able to beat any of the top 4 Middleweights at the moment.

I love how he said he hopes for a fight against Caleb Truax, straight away calling out the weakest champ expecting to get himself a belt. (At least this time it will be a recognised belt). He needs to get his father to step away because he isn't helping his career or his progress. He stays he wants to step out of his fathers shadow, well tell him to back off and get yourself a decent trainer because he has so many holes in his game.

Groves bossed the majority of those rounds with a couple of rounds near the end going to Eubank, but nothing really troubled him. I still he would've struggled even if he didn't have the cut above his eye.

My money is still on Callum Smith to win the final though. But a great boxing display by Groves and he really did school Eubank and hopefully showed those who seemed to think Eubank was amazing that he really isn't.