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    As some may have already seen on Social Media, TBV have released a short online survey, aimed at gathering fan feedback on TBV and the atmosphere on match days. The reason why we have released a survey is because we want to aim to try and improve our atmosphere for not only the upcoming season, but for future seasons also. We felt that fan feedback is a great way to look at what the fans think of TBV currently, and an even better way for fans to point out areas of improvement and ways we can improve.

    You can find the survey >> HERE << and we would appreciate any feedback, good or bad. The survey closes on the 3rd of July, and all feedback will be taken into account, any questions please feel free to PM me.
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    Filled in.
    Much appreciated! Just a reminder to others who may not have seen this yet, but this survey will be closing tomorrow evening for TBV to review in time for the new season. Thanks to those who have already filled in this survey.
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    Damn! Missed the survey. Can I ask if there is a limit on drums allowed in the ground? I swear the atmosphere would benefit from a drummer in the South lower and it could be coordinated. I like the TBV efforts but much is lost to me in the South Upper.

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