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Thread: Football Manager 2017

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    I've started playing around with my careers a bit more. I got bored with always starting with Southend and maybe someone else. I've started doing more career type games. In the 17 version I started with East Thurrock, got as far as England boss and AC milan but quit to take Southend to the prem.
    I'm now in Jan 2027, 15th in the prem, £23 million in the bank and a new stadium on the way (FM immitating life). I'm only realy holding out for the new stadoium now as I've not moved to one before.
    I'll probably buy FM18 in the pre-christmas sales like I did last year then I'm going to set up with only the top divisions in the top European leagues and try that as a career.
    For me the add/remove league feature has revolutionised the game

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    FM17 is the first time I've actually done well with Southend, usually I start a career with the Blues and get sacked within two seasons, and either carry on elsewhere or start a new career somewhere random and end up doing well. But this time I'm still at SUFC in 2033, and I'm England manager. It took about 8 seasons to get from lg1 to the Prem, we have a new owner, new stadium (29,000 capacity) but I'm really having trouble breaking through to qualify for europe, keep finishing 8-10th. For England I got them into the Euros semis, at a home tournament, beat some really good teams on the way, then lost the semifinal 1-0 to the Swiss - if I'd got to the final, it would have been against Turkey!

    Not sure if I'll be able to give up this career to buy FM18.

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    mate, that is some proper dedication. I think I'd have quit the game taking 8 seasons!
    I did div 3, 2 and 1 in consecutive seasons now in March 2027 with about 29 points from 29. Sadly I'm having to now phase out the players who got me up which includes a good few homegrown. I've got a Basildon-born Southend-supporting wonderkid up front who is finding the step up a bit difficult.
    I've got a few homegrown players including my captain, our youth set up is really good. And Roots Hall is having its first taste of Prem football but with a new one on the way, no idea what capacity they'll give me though. I once had 3 stadiums at once: Roots Hall getting upgraded so I played at Fossetts Farm (apparently sitting empty all that time) while they built a new one

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