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Thread: British Land - New Stadium

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    I don't think our council are very supportive ( I say our council but I don't and never have lived in Southend). When you look at two geographically lose clubs getting "community stadiums" in West Ham and Colchester we really aren't asking much and we are giving the community a very good facility that will benefit youngsters in the area. If I had a vote in Southend I would certainly consider who I vote for dependant on this decision
    Don't forget this project involves Rochford council as well, some of whom don't like Ron.

    If the two councils weren't so concerned in petty point scoring there would all ready be a relief road from FF past the airport and coming out at Tescos. That was first on the table 20 years ago and would benefit both towns and not just SUFC or the airport.

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    This really ****es me off.

    I know it's a big development, but let's get real. The borough needs the houses and the shot in the arm that the employment and infrastructurewould bring.

    The football side of things is merely a side note.

    It might not prove popular with those living nearby but it sure as hell will be financially beneficial to SBC.

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