Thanks to Sarfend Wolfys, Dean Allum and Nicola Stott for looking after the TZ service to Bury yesterday, it was a brilliant display guys off and on the pitch. That said unfortunately we have had a few no shows of late which causes delay and takes away seats from other Shrimper fans alike.
We understand things happen in life but a phone call or text doesn't take long, we're heroes' if we can book you on and villains if we're full.
With this in mind if you can't be bothered with us perhaps you should look to get to aways by other methods or means ( there are options available but monopolising our efforts to just blank us is quite rude. No one receives payment for doing this and huge effort into planning and coordinating travel, it's an" in it together thing" we've tried to build up, we're now changing the T& C page as as from now, you no show ( without a reason or contact) You no go,
TZ Travelzone.