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Thread: 2017 Ashes

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    Nope, not "servitude" either, as that suggests they have no freedom as indentured servants.

    Ben Stokes, under a curfew ruling, could have had a restriction in place to be back at the hotel by midnight whilst the series is ongoing. Then, once the series is complete and they are not called to re-convene until a certain date ahead of the Ashes, like now for instance, he is free to do whatever he pleases.

    England players have a duty of responsibility to the paying public. My point is that England management should be allowed to exercise some control over their social habits within a series of matches.

    If people had a ticket for The Oval, expecting to see Alex Hales and Ben Stokes, they are being short-changed if neither are fit to play due to excesses on a night out a couple of days before. They would rightly ask why those players didn't have rules they should be abiding by.

    The players do have freedoms within their contracts, anyway. Alex Hales chose not to tour Bangladesh. He still has a central contract to this day.

    Bottom line is, it's not unreasonable to expect England cricketers to act sensibly and within certain rules and regulations and it's not an infringement of their human rights to expect them back at a hotel by a certain time, when they are representing their country in a tournament or series of matches.

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    I'm just glad I don't work for you then.
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    LOL .. I wouldn't employ you.

    You're too argumentative!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyT View Post
    They don't have to sign the contract and can walk away from it. Like Graeme Swann did in Australia in the middle of an Ashes series
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