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Thread: Southend United 1 - 2 Fleetwood Town

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    Default Southend United 1 - 2 Fleetwood Town

    Please put you r reports here.

    Do not spoil this thread with comments regarding our dynamic manager, thanks.

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    It was evident from the set up that

    a. we have very limited resources
    b. "clean sheet" mentality
    c. it wouldn't be pretty.

    We all knew Lenny was likely to go in the Window. But, no movement on a replacement. We should have someone lined up and playing today. It's ok trying to stem the tide with a defensive anti football set up if you are .....

    the wife has just said "why don't you write your match report but just putting gash in big letters". So


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    Poor first 1/2 and it did not get better in the 2nd the only saving thing was IFollow was poor as well so missed most of the 2nd 1/2

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    ****, simple as that.
    “It’s Eastwood this time, ohhhh what a GOALLLL... Freddy Eastwood has given Southend United the lead with a goal that any Manchester United player would be proud to score”.

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    bad day at the office

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    Steaming pile o'shoit!
    That Curly Bob is a jolly good chap!

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    Poor, Ferdinand even worse... not good enough. Everyone 5... wabo, looked a 7.

    team are not fired up, Brown Out (3 weeks ago)

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    Ron needs to hold another one his meetings. The message didn't get through
    With chips in his pocket. Just waiting for the chance to get into the game.

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    They say mistakes are okay if you learn from them. Last season we played Cox up front on his own at home v Fleetwood. We were terrible and lost 2-0.

    Fast forward 18 months and Brown starts with Cox up front on his own v Fleetwood, we are terrible and lose 2-1.

    Only bright spark was Wabo, give him a chance from the start next week please.

    I'll be back with a proper match report later when I'm home and have access to a keyboard!

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    Brown: “We’re getting punished by mistakes from experienced pros. We’ve got to knuckle down and roll our sleeves up.”

    Brown: “Nothing magical is going to get us out of this situation other than hard work.”

    Brown: “We’ve identified four or five players. Those will be pursued ahead of next Saturday.”

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    It was good to see the meeting paid dividends. We're coming on a bundle now, ain't we.

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    Absolute rubbish. Hoofing it to 7 foot giants, great idea.

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    I think I can count the number of long balls we won in the first 60 minutes on one hand today, Fleetwood had multiple players taller than our whole squad. I know that tactic got us promoted but that was when we had Barry Corr up front, and he could actually win aerial duels. Simon Cox is far too short for the tactic to work. If we're going to play long ball Fortune has to play since he actually holds the ball up.

    Bringing Hendrie on instead of Kyprianou was madness, Coker clearly wasn't comfortable as a CB, although saying that he looked far better than Ferdinand and White. Given how Brown ripped into Kyprianou last week he should be ripping into Ferdinand for being at fault for the goals today, although to be fair to Anton he clearly wasn't fit, at one point he had to sprint 20m and then bent over wheezing for about 2 minutes afterwards. (Edit: Brown to be fair has highlighted the 'senior pros' were awful for both goals in his interview.) One positive is that Wabo looked positive when in possession, although he got little time on the ball since he clearly isn't a player suited to winning long balls. If Brown isn't getting sacked then he needs to accept the squad isn't suited to his favoured direct tactic and new ideas need to be thought up.
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    We did well for the first 9 minutes. And the last 10 minutes or so.

    Think some credit for Fortune is due.

    And Rosler as well - he signalled changes and made subs to nullify any threat from us.

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