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Thread: Football Manager 2018

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    Default Football Manager 2018

    Anyone got the game? Negative reviews on Steam, but not sure that is reliable.....
    Remembering the scandal of "Stickersgate"

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    i got it in December, I'm surprised I still have a girlfriend. Last year I started at East Thurrock and made my way up so this season I've started at the top and found it really easy at Arsenal. In September 2020 (4th season) and winning everything domestically. Going to resign end of the season and see what else is out there.

    I think the game is an upgrade on last season's and well worth getting if you can spare the 192389234712097834 hours a day

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    I can't get into it. The changes have been too much for me to deal with and I haven't got a clue how's best to set up with the Southend team. I've actually recently installed a few older versions of FM and loaded up some old saves instead of playing FM18

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    Avoided this year. Couldn't really get in to FM17. Keeping it simple with the watered down iPad version and makes for a decent 'pick up and play'. Currently in season 2030/31. Leading Derby County out of the Vanarama North and nestled in League 1 at the moment.

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    Yeah, it's lost me. A long time user since it was Champ man, but 2016 was my last purchase. I feel like I no longer have any control of the outcome, and there is no value in me playing anything that I can't directly control it's a shame.

    same as adwebb16, I use the iPad version and play that instead. Easy to pick up and put down, and far more enjoyable.

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