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    Noticed on Saturday he headed straight down the tunnel at the final whistle, and I noticed it again last night at Bury.

    Is he starting to get irritated by fans that criticise him when he is going round after the final whistle thanking them for their support. At Bury yesterday there was one guy that was literally on his back all night. Anton could have gone in goal and saved a couple of penalties and this “fan” still would have thought he wasn’t pulling his weight. I know he tweets a lot about West Ham which would probably annoy a few fans, but he supports that club. I wouldn’t expect him to start supporting Southend just because he’s playing for us.

    I personally think he has improved in the last couple of games, and he clearly had his issues in the lead up to the start of the season with the loss of his mother. When your grieving for your loved one and you’ve got one of your own fans giving you a hard time because you a pass went slightly off, or you didn’t get the ball that this armchair supporter felt you should have got I don’t blame him for his loss of form. Age is always going to be a factor, and he hardly played that much since leaving QRR in 2013 so he’s always going to be starting to slow down, but you don’t lose your footballing brain, which is why Adam Thompson came on quite a bit last year playing alongside Anton.

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    Plenty of fans at the hall still booing and does his job and goes to dressing room rather than pretend to love the fans that may have slagged him off. No double standards from him on that front...unlike the mugs he confronted in the south stand the other week.
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    He stayed out on the pitch after the win at Peterborough, which was after he had some abuse in previous home matches.

    I think it might be more to do with getting his body sorted as soon as the final whistle is blown. Particularly as he is in a run of 3 games in 8 days at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supershrimper View Post
    I know he tweets a lot about West Ham which would probably annoy a few fansl
    Tweeted about them straight after the game last night. IMO a bit strange, no mention SUFC but that's standard for him. Not that it matters.

    I have too noticed him running down the tunnel which is also quite strange. There could be a completely legit reason for this but IF it was because that he doesn't think the fans deserve a clap then if I was Chris Powell I would be having a word with him. Fans travel a long way and pay a lot of money and the least we should get is a little 'thanks for your support'. Especially considering that many times this season they haven't really deserved it at times.

    Fair enough he has come across some negative comments recently which doesn't mean he should get abuse. But it's not as if every fan abuses him, just the minority. Whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, it's part of the parcel of being a footballer and you have to deal with it.

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    Maybe he's just cold.
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    He was excellent against Wigan and hope that he is rediscovering his form of last season.

    Sadly there will always be morons at matches and we are not alone in having more than our fair share at our club.
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    He was not following his marker for the Wigan goal, if you sign up free for the SUFC app, you can get the free 10 plus minutes highlights.... it’s bad defending, and clear to see. Have a look at Turners arms waiving, and having a go. Don’t take my word.

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    How do u get the free SUFC free app please ?

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    Still a great player at this level and every player has a loss of form at some point, I'd rather have him in the team than not, and with him and turner at the back together we have one of the best pairings in this division by far.

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    If you have an iPhone it’s in the App Store you just download and create a free account with email, there is probably one for Android and PC, free highlights (the ones without a padlock) 10 mins plus

    register for the free pass first

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    Thanks J don't do iPhones! ��

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    His problem, or the glaring one, is that he is now, all of a sudden playing better. It has been suggested that he had been carrying a back injury, that may be true, but being selected when unfit was neither good for him physically and was never going to endear him to fans with his low level of performance. We may have been short of CB's but his contribution in a number of games was abject.

    If, as he appears, he has turned a corner, then let's hope it lasts. If only we knew his recovery from back problems would have been resolved by sacking PB, it could have been done earlier.

    I am glad he is contributing and as much as I criticised his poor performances, rightly so, on this forum, I did not hurl abuse toward him at matches.

    His contribution is best assessed at the end of the season. So far, his good efforts are recent, and in no way make up for the list of poor ones. But I hope he proves his worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan33 View Post
    Thanks J don't do iPhones! ��
    Then all you need to do is follow the link to the SUFC official site and register yourself (top right hand corner of the screen). You will then have access to the extended 10 minutes.

    Here's the link again:
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    He ran straight off sat without clapping last night he did turn clap then jogged down the tunnel so he was slightly better but considering there were 230 odd of us up there I think we deserve appreciation that’s a bloody long way midweek

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    Hmmmm......go and clap the genuine fans and have to put up with some vile abuse from the idiots or head for the sanctuary and comparative warmth of the dressing room and not have to put up with the further mental scarring of the abuse. Tough choice.

    Maybe, his counsellor advised him to do this for his own peace of mind. I don't have a problem with it, and I think he is more likely to stay out on Saturday if we get a good result. Footballers can be every bit as fragile as the rest of us mentally, and Anton's been through a lot. Get off his back I say.

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