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Thread: Oxford United 2-0 Southend United

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    Default Oxford United 2-0 Southend United

    Hardly the result we expected, but this is SUFC we are talking about.....Two first teamers injured as well. Well that is our season done. At least "we hope" we have enough points to stay up and rebuild.

    Dismal performance by the sounds of it.

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    Dismal covers it.
    Genuine lack of effort.
    Yet we still missed three sitters and hit the post that's how rubbish Oxford were just to be clear.
    Clear out needed in the summer and Powell to rebuild. Let's not forget we were 1 point from relegation at one poi t so clearly squad of players not good enough...especially away from home. Bring on the summer transfer activity.
    not always good but never ever boring

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    Dire performance again. We need to stuff MK Dons next week. I can't see us getting anything from our two remaining away fixtures, nor from Bristol Rovers. If we end up with the 53 points that we currently have I think we could still have other teams breathing down our necks. The Wombles have just scored a late winner too.

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    No commitment, no quality.. where was the team that pushed Blackburn so close last week? Where was the team that battered Gillingham in the first half the week before? We are so inconsistent it’s throughly frustrating. For me we set up all wrong and CP has to take the blame or that. Whilst I completely agree that setting up with 4-5-1 at Blackburn was the right thing to do and we should have done that at Plymouth before that, we didn’t need that today. Oxford are a poor side who we showed far to much respect to rather than focusing on what we can do best. Today again highlights those who we should be looking to bin in during the summer, Woody being the obvious one. Hopefully the two injuries aren’t to serious and again, well done to the travelling hundreds who are a real credit to the club.
    “It’s Eastwood this time, ohhhh what a GOALLLL... Freddy Eastwood has given Southend United the lead with a goal that any Manchester United player would be proud to score”.

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    Awful team selection / tactics. No quality, no urgency, no clue. Dire performance. If that was PB we'd have been rioting at full-time.

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    I'm not convinced CP managerial credentials stack up in the dogfight of league 1 or maybe 2. We had the new manager bounce, but for the most part it's no different from when PB was running the show, lack of team setup and poor player commitment.

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    Post Match report: Oxford United 2, Southend United 0

    SOUTHEND United’s away day struggles continued with a 2-0 defeat at Oxford United this afternoon.


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    Very negative team selection again, and we still lost 2-0 against a poor side. Hopefully we will survive in this league for Powell to rebuild in the Summer. Still doesn’t really excuse today’s poor selection and tactics, mind.

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    Not much to write home about really that we haven't already heard this season.

    Terrible performance once again away from home today. Poor team selection & tactics.
    Before the match, looking at our sub bench and seeing Robinson and Wright with only 2 league goals between them all season, didn't feel me with confidence if we went behind as a replacement for Cox, especially playing in a 4-5-1.

    Currently i'm not even confident we can get a point away at Oldham, let alone Bradford.

    Looking at that current league position, it seems an age away since it appeared that we were sitting comfortably in 11th place, until you realise it was only on Tuesday afternoon.
    Talking of Oldham & midweek fixtures, they have a real 6 pointer on Tuesday night V Rochdale, a win for Rochdale or even a draw will bring us another point closer to the relegation zone.

    As for Injury updates, listening to SCP on the BBC post match interview, he confirmed that they both have thigh problems, he said he hopes its not season ending injuries for Coker and Turner.
    In which case I would imagine they are both missing for the MK Dons clash next Saturday & maybe away to Oldham on the following Tuesday. No mention of how long Sam Mantom is out for though.

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    14th league match this season where we haven't scored. Apart from relegation we are not going to challenge for anything with those kind of stats. Clear out needed.

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    Powell has a massive job next season. It worries me that he thinks Wordsworth should have been playing at a much higher level. He would be one of my first players i would show out the door.

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    Not good enough again. Negative, poor selections.

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    Please can we stop talking about relegation, not going to happen.....if you truely believe it then put a tenna on it and make 2 grand from ladbrokes, who are offering 200/1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Althorne Shrimper View Post
    Powell has a massive job next season. It worries me that he thinks Wordsworth should have been playing at a much higher level. He would be one of my first players i would show out the door.
    I think he meant due to his ability on the ball. It was an insult on his workrate though? So today probably won’t have helped his case for a contract

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    Poor first half where we simply didnt compete. Both Oxford goals came from our inability to close their players down and stop them shooting, although to us there was a clear offside in the build up to the second goal. Officials today were woeful. Re the performance, would have to question Cox upfront on his own, and why Wordsworth got picked, either he isnt fit enough or he simply doesnt give s ****. However, we did create chances and should or could have scored two or three. Oxford were not special but we gifted them the three points. A big rebuilding job required by SCP, this team and players are not good enough. Stand out today were prob Dru and Elvis which says a lot. He needs time to rebuild but woukd have learnt a lot from these away games in particular. Another tough day, but credit to the fans again who were brilliant
    Billericay Shrimper

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