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Thread: Wembley Stadium Could be sold by FA

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    Quote Originally Posted by GBJ View Post
    Meh. Wembley simply doesn't hold the same prestige that it did in previous decades.

    The glory of a Wembley FA Cup final has been ruined, due to the semi-finals also being held there.

    England games are generally dreadful, with a touristy atmosphere.

    Aside from the Play-offs & the JPT, Wembley is a pretty soulless, meaningless & pointless place these days. IMHO obviously.
    All that may be true, and probably is, but selling out to the owner of an NFL club so he can have a London base? FFS!! With apologies to any NFL affictionardos on here I couldn't give a toss about American football so he just go away.
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    All the talk about Wembley should always be owned by the FA is a bit weird since the original Wembley wasn't even owned by the FA until a couple of years before it was demolished. The FA only purchased it in 1998 because they wanted to bid for the 2006 World Cup, they had to compete with Arsenal who were also interested in buying the stadium. Anyone intending to base an NFL team here shouldn't be allowed to buy it but if someone that would prioritise English football was interested in buying it, would that be a bad thing? With the right buyer it would be no different to what we did with the old Wembley. It's not like the FA don't already rent Wembley out to anyone that wants it anyway.
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