A number of threads lately have had some serious police related postings as the main issue of the thread.
I don't know how to generate a survey on here and IF some one can put one up with relevant questions please do. These are just a suggestion of some questions.
Have the police lost control of general street scene crimes and especially after dark/knife/violence?
Have the police lost any interest in solving general crimes and doing basic investigating?
Have the police seemingly stopped doing any road traffic or accident investigation?
Have the police lost the trust of the public?
Would you be a witness to an incident that you weren't connected to?

For me, only an opinion but the slide has set in for many years and the trust has gone, basics are forgotten and Policing by consent seems to have become policing only in desperate times/emergency.

And for any that doubt it I AM a supporter of law, order and policing; AND want more, and more effective than that which we have now.

Who is to blame?