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Thread: Your current favourite player?

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    Default Your current favourite player?

    Who is your current favourite player and why?
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    Dru Yearwood, he's mature beyond his years and he will end up being our record transfer when he is sold for MILLIONS!

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    I just got a tattoo of MAF. He is going to be great next season IMHO

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    Dru Yearwood. I'm so excited to see what he produces next season.

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    Dru for me as well. Bags of raw talent, great ability on the ball and drives the team forward. One of the most exciting young midfielders I've seen for many years.
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    The player who scores the goal that seals promotion for us .

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    Coxy & Oxley. Both great players and one needs to sign on the mother ****ing dotted line quicksmart.

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    John White - an excellent pro who seems like a thoroughly nice bloke too.

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    Ben Coker, Has been for years! love the guy, always puts in a shift and great ambassador for Diabetes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
    John White - an excellent pro who seems like a thoroughly nice bloke too.
    I was playing FIFA with my son yesterday (vs Colchester), we were teammates for Southend and he scored an absolute worldy with John White (perhaps suggesting that video games aren't always realistic) and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Love how he's re-invented himself into a good CB and he's clearly a great pro.

    Dru is also my favourite at the moment... love how he plays at 100% and he's clearly a massive talent.

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    McLaughlin - technically gifted, and high number of assists and goals.
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    Coker for me. Dry could overtake though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy2holes View Post
    Coker for me. Dry could overtake though

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    Quote Originally Posted by MK Shrimper View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
    High and? :

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