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Thread: Last Train from Fenchurch St

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    Having moved across to C2C what time does Fenchurch Street train station close?

    I seem to remember from years ago it was 10pm but the timetable from C2C shows that trains from Fenchurch Street run after this time. I am sure that C2C runs from Liverpool Street after 10pm.

    Can someone clarify this as need to know for tonight?

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    12.20 I think

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    Damn - having read the title of the thread I thought they might have been closing the inferior line for good
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    C2C will be comfirmed as the superior line today as we all climb into our air conditioned tinted windowed luxury coaches for the trip home is the blistering heat.. the added advantage of being able to hop off at leigh for seaside pints compares favourably to hopping off at say billericay for a pint in the railway or something..
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