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  1. OldBlueLady

    From one extreme to the other with transfer news

    We get nothing, 'Uddersfield, it seems have the opposite problem. Spotted this on 606, and thought it might appeal to some of you: Latest speculation League One Huddersfield Town by GreenShoots (U13658489) 02 June 2009 Huddersfield Town manager Lee Clark refused to comment today on...
  2. Napster

    Martinez to Celtic

    Celtic want Swans boss Martinez Swans boss Roberto Martinez has been linked with several managerial jobs Celtic have made an official approach for Swansea City boss Roberto Martinez. Swansea confirmed to BBC Sport Wales that the Scottish giants have asked to speak to Martinez about...
  3. Ron Manager

    Top Podcasts

    I know we've done this before but no harm in bringing it up to date. Do you subscribe to podcasts and if so which ones? Currently I subscribe to - Sportsweek from Radio Five Live Danny Baker's 606, also from Five Live Fighting Talk, also from Five live Football Weekly and Football Weekly...
  4. OldBlueLady

    Kevin Maher

    With most of the Oldham fans on 606 predicting a very comfortable win for us today, one of them mentioned that Kev's contract with them is up this summer. Poor old bloke, hope he finds something else if that's the case, and I do, really hope that he's down for Spinner's testimonial.
  5. OldBlueLady


    Apparently not going to be quite as cute for a while - taken from 606: Made his league debut at Cardiff in November, as Speroni's wife was giving birth. We lost 2-1, and he let in a goal that many felt Speroni, with his excellent reactions, would have kept out. Since then its only been...
  6. lee_sufc

    What happened to Southend

    ...a blast from the past: http://flickr.com/photos/southendborough/sets/72157606532707136/
  7. CC51DAS

    Beware : Colchester residents eat their offspring

    remarkable story http://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/2115606.colchester_tiger_cubs_die_at_zoo/
  8. manor15

    Villa to Liverpool?

    strong rumours on bbc sport and 606
  9. Hotman


    The following question was asked in a recent Great Britain poll: 'Are there too many immigrants in Britain?' 21% Said: Yes 79% Said: عهد الأمن العالمي بواشنط
  10. Ron Manager

    Danny Baker on 606

    Anyone else hear his Tuesday night show? Just listened to the podcast on the way into work today and he said how everything went slightly darker across the country when we equalised against Chelsea because everyone was throwing their hats into the air in celebration :) He also went on to have...
  11. londonblue

    Bbc 606

    606 Another One Ipswich fans already asking Chelsea what their ticket allocation will be. Who wants to go first?
  12. Zone Update I confess

    It's me that's emptied every Clinton Cards of yellow balloons.. :) Serousley, really looking forward to seeing a sea of yeallow (!) - someone on the BBC 606 site posted "the more they score, the louder we'll sing" - I'm hoping we'll show Chelsea the best away support they have ever seen, and...
  13. maninasuitcase

    Jonathan Hunt

    He phoned up 606 last night to talk about his post football business of healing horses.
  14. OldBlueLady

    Rev might not be revving

    Rumour on 606 that RRR pulled a hamstring in training yesterday - anyone got anything to substantiate that?
  15. South Bucks Shrimper

    Was it you?

    Apparently there was a series of adverts on Sky which highlighted a midweek Cup match between Port Vale and Southend. Only 1 solitary Southend fan turned up! http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A41246011 Was it you?
  16. Recent Madness

    I have just spent the last half an hour or so reading posts and threads from the last 24hours, and its disgracefull! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but its decended into complete madness on here!! theres even a thread on the bbc 606 site calling for the blue voice to be brought down...
  17. Latest on Brighton 606

    Hooligan Steward at roots hall apparantly. Anyone see anything i certainly bever and cant see anything on the vigin media one. Have looked at the more clearer bluesworld one and nothing. Anyone any ideas?.
  18. Longpier Live

    Hi there I'm launching a new service - totally free - that will give fans a chance to discuss the fortunes of the Blues throughout the season. Longpier Live is a Skypecast, broadcast at 1800 for an hour after every Saturday game. It gives fans the opportunity to have their say, using voice...
  19. Mock The Week

    Saw this on the 606 boards, basically a shrimperzone version of the "Scenes we'd like to see" Anyone got any ideas of a scene to use?
  20. Mexican Viagra!! Be warned

    Warning - Do Not Order Mexican Viagra ! Important Bulletin Many men are buying 'black market' Viagra pills from Mexican mail-order drug stores. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that several of these pharmacies are mixing the Viagra with ground up Mexican Jumping Beans...