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  1. AAS appeal for fresh blood

    Hi, I hope the mods don't mind me posting this here but lots of SZers read the fanzine and may have been wondering why we haven't been out for a while. The truth is we're struggling to find the time to put the issue together and we're looking for some new blood. See link for full details, but...
  2. Article needed - someone who travelled away regularly 1996-1998 and now

    Hi all, I'm trying to fill the latest issue of AAS (deadline Sunday, eek) and I had an idea for an article this afternoon which I'll need someone else to write. I'd love to get a piece from someone who travelled away on a regular basis during the two seasons 1996-1998. During this period, we...
  3. Brown to enter Eurovision

    Thought it might be an appropriate time to share this article from the latest All At Sea... Brown to represent UK at Song Contest
  4. Safe standing at Fossetts a no go?

    Hi all, I've been involved in a conversation on Twitter where the Trust have informed me that the club say safe standing will not happen at Fossetts because of the design of the stadium. This is a cop out by the club as no decisions have been made over the design of possible safe standing...
  5. Fans summer survey

    I hope the good folk at SZ don't mind me posting this on here but as there's not much to talk about at the moment... We at All At Sea have published a fans summer survey. There are questions on the fanzine and podcast but also about SUFC and the game in general, so even if you don't read AAS...
  6. All At Sea podcast

    The new edition is ready to download from iTunes and at http://allatseafanzine.podbean.com Also, while I'm on, the fanzine has a new website at www.aas-fanzine.co.uk where you can buy the latest issue online (we've got rid of the gremlins, finally) and find out details of subscriptions, back...
  7. All At Sea podcast

    We've decided to branch out into the hit and miss world of podcasting - our first attempt is now available online, we're all new to this and will get used to the presenting and the technical side in time, but for those of you who want to have a listen you can get to it via our website. It's 43...
  8. manor15

    Special Edition Fanzine?

    Was thinking of ways to try and make some money and came up with the idea of a Special Edition Fanzine. Maybe if a local printer company could do it a bit cheaper than normal we could make a bit more money, even if it won't be done in time for Wednesday it could still make some money for the...
  9. manor15

    100 Best SUFC Players Ever

    Hoping to write an article for AAS on the 100 best SUFC players ever and need the help of the SZ public. All you have to do is nominate 1 player, if they have already been nominated still put there name forward as it will help them to finish higher up the placings. You can nominate as many...
  10. SUFC Forever

    Reserves Home v Watford - Thursday 20th March

    The last reserve match of the season is being played at Roots Hall today v Watford. It is shown on the website at the moment as kicking off at 2.00pm but I am sure I read somewhere that the kick off is going to be 4.00pm for this game to allow the market to be cleared up beforehand. Can...
  11. manor15

    Who is willing to volunteer their name/SZ name?

    Anybody interested in me using their name for a complicated feature in the next few issues of AAS. I am planning to do a season on FM09 with Southend and write about what happens etc. in AAS and try and relate it to how the real Southend are doing as much as possible. However I need a name for...
  12. All At Sea - one more this season

    Hi all, In recent days co-ed Neddy Beavan and I have been locked in the boardroom at AAS Towers, occasionally discussing the fanzine between mouthfuls of custard cremes. As a result, contrary to the claim made in the current issue of AAS, we will be bringing out one more this season, likely to...
  13. DTS

    My weird day trip to Bristol.

    Decided to go to Bristol Rovers as its getting close to baby time and I want to be close enough to home so that I can get back incase MrS DtS decided to pop. As we have three weeks to go a look at the fixture list told me this was the last one I could aim for. I am allowing myself home games as...
  14. DTS

    Questions for a true Southend legend

    Thansk to Napster for tipping me off that former Blues wing legend Steve Clarke is on face book. Cut a long story short I thought Clarkey was amazing.....I know a lot of you didnt.... Anyway been having a decent chat with him he has kindly agreed to answer some (sensible) questions about his...
  15. DTS

    Thoughts from the East Stand.

    Right - Not going to talk about the game as there are a million threads on that however there are some other points I would like too touch on. Had a few drinks in the spread before the game as I have come to enjoy. Served by the ever friendly McNasty. Its fast becoming a Shrimperzone haven in...
  16. DTS

    My thoughts from last night.

    Personally I feel a tad dissapointed today. I really do lok at this as 2 points dropped rather than 1 gained. Luton were terrible. Every pass they hit to the sidelines went off. They seemed to offer little in attack and Dean Keily - Comical. I thought we started slow but go better as the game...
  17. DTS

    My trip to Swansea.

    After a very kind offer from Sussex Blue to drive to Swansea we agreed a meet time for the two of us and Smudger to meet. 8am at the station next to my flat was ideal for me. Decided to have a quiet night the night before but after a few beers and the fact my mates hairdresser that I have been...