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  1. flangejackrabbit

    Up and coming managers (other than the Cowley brothers)

    Obviously everyone's very much au fait with Danny Cowley and his brother's recent achievements, but their cup run got me thinking about other young managers coming up through the leagues. Somebody who doesn't seem to have been talked about as much is Darrell Clarke at Bristol Rovers, who has...
  2. Where will Bentley rate for you?

    Now Bentley has surpassed Mervyn Cawston's excellent clean sheet record from 80/81, where do/will people rate him amongst our other great custodians? I'm a fan of stats, longevity, performances & achievements when it comes to debating my best ever team and with that in mind does (or will)...
  3. Ricey

    Congratulations to Marc Marquez

    On becoming the youngest ever rider to win the MotoGP championship and in his rookie season too. An amazing achievement and we could have a new Valentino Rossi contender for achievements on our hands.
  4. Barling Magna

    Anyone Else Noticed Bilel's Achievements in Bonny Scotland...?

    I know he's yesterday's man, but I was interested to see that the crazy Tunisian has now scored five goals in six matches for Rangers. The opposition is pretty lowly, but at least he seems to be behaving himself.
  5. Ricey

    Knight Andy Murray?

    I'm sorry but I will be absolutely livid if he gets knighted and David Beckham still doesn't get knighted. What does that guy have to do to be knighted. Great achievements with the Olympics, Wimbeldon and the US Open but surely Beckhams achievements in football, helping Lord Coe with getting...
  6. Uncle Leo

    Biggest load of drivel I've ever heard

    Not sure how they got my details, but some loons have sent me an email suggesting I sign a petition to protest about there being no women (other than HM The Queen) on British bank notes. Whoever wrote this needs to get out more. "Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, has announced...
  7. Napster

    Biggest achievements by season

    We've had some great seasons and not-so-great seasons. In every season though we have had one game, or one player who has made it worthwhile. So, let's list the best things to happen per season. Promotions/title obviously beat everything else. I'll start 1906/7 1907/8 . 1949/50 - highest...
  8. Napster

    Biggest achievements by former and current players

    Following thread about players who have already played at Wembley - I guess this is pinnacle for most players. So which of our former and current players achieved the most in their career? (Not including managers because Moore would top the lot) I think we need a points system to find out who...
  9. CC51DAS

    Breaking News "colchester and southend to merge"

    Overheard at Roots Hall on Friday night a guy who had met Ron Martin on the tube last week who said that Colchester Chairman Robbie Cowling has had enough and wants to merge Colchester United and Southend United. Cowling is apparently fed up with having more empty plastic seats than you could...
  10. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  11. pickledseal

    Parent Text App: How to text your children...

    I'm intrigued by this for a variety of reasons... I don't have children, but spend all day every day communicating with young people. Texting is a powerful force and so often communication takes place between parents and their children in this way. Indeed, even at 27 often I will text my own...
  12. Shrimpergarry

    Breaking News The Black List 2011

    The Voice has just published its "Black List" which recognises the achievements of the black community across all levels of football. There are no less than four ex-blues players on the list http://bit.ly/qKpn3v - three of them are easy to spot as they are legends, the fourth is, er, not!
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    Blair Sturrock

    I'm fed up with the constant sniping about Blair Sturrock from certain supporters with chips on their shoulders. If you've actually been paying attention this season you'll have spotted how Sturrock contributes: the way he has the vision to switch play, the way he stretches defences with his...
  14. Spoty 2010

    Seeing as SZ was down when the nominees were announced, I thought a thread was in order. I'd be happy with either Cavendish, Swann or McDowell winning, to be honest. Cavendish deserves an accolade for his achievements and Swann has quite rightfully earned his place amongst the best spin bowlers...
  15. southend4ever

    March 12th 2011 - Lincoln Away - Tilly and Brush

    Hi Everyone, With today's announcement that Tilly and Brush are the new number 1 and 2 respectively at Lincoln what better idea that to make an effort to attend the away trip for our league game on March 12. It would be great for our boys to get a large support and it would show huge support...
  16. manor15

    Battle of the SUFC Players of the 00's

    We haven't had a battle of for a while and we could do with a celebration of achievements to cheer people up, especially if the 2nd August doesn't go to plan! So, the first 16 names down, for the best SUFC player of the Noughties, will then be put into 4 groups of 4, where the top 2 will then...
  17. palexander

    Is Martin *that*bad...

    Christ, shrimperzone suicide coming up.... I've begun to take stock of the situation we find ourselves in. Probably because things looked so bleak and I was so angry and frustrated (as are we all no doubt) that i almost gave up completely on the club and in doing so, probably removed the...
  18. pickledseal

    Press Statement must be different to OS statement

    Reading this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/southend_utd/8786835.stm and this: http://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/theblues/8253704.Tilson_placed_on_gardening_leave_by_Blues/ there are some extra quotes such as: "Steve and I have had a very good relationship and one of the...
  19. How many achievements have you achieved?

    Out of 119, how many? To view it in larger, click here: http://i.imgur.com/lufvW.jpg
  20. Slipperduke

    I Heart Phil Brown

    As a fan of Southend United, the latest minnow to struggle for air in the small time, I tend to enjoy the misery of Premier League clubs more than most. Newcastle United's demise was particularly pleasing, given the arrogance of Freddy Shepherd towards the lower leagues. It's just a shame he...