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  1. Uncle Leo

    World Cup betting

    SkyBet are offering money back - as a free bet, up to £10 - on any losing bets on the World Cup winner. Definitely have to give that a go - I've already had a bet on France, may hold my nose and have a tenner on Germany (love the country, admire the football team, but hate seeing them win)
  2. Rootshallbloke

    North London Merger?

    One for you closet Lilywhite fans to admire: If Arsenal and Spurs combined, their starting XI would be class...
  3. rlb999

    the wrong foot

    Whilst I admire our solidity and workrte, one thing that annoys me about the way PB sends out is teams is his tendency to play wide midfielders on the wrong foot. I'm sure he'd say it keeps the team narrow and solid etc, but it means we're not seeing the best of players like Worrall and Weston -...
  4. TJC

    Latest deadline - late Spring 2014

    Football league show 15/16 Feb 2014 has Ron stating on camera, it will start late spring this year. Late stages of appointing contractor (haven't we always been in late stages?) I'll be stunned in we are digging on fossetts by end of May, but you have to admire Rons' persistence. If he thought...
  5. danburyshrimper

    Question Opposing players you most enjoyed watching

    Is there an opposing player past or present that when they come to play at the home of football, Roots Hall , you actually have looked forward to watching ?. Please try to avoid ex Blues players as sometimes the emotions run too high!!! George Best i guess springs immediately to mind when he...
  6. maninasuitcase

    Do you admire his brashness or is this just plain old fashioned stealing?

    A US company has revealed that one of its employees had outsourced his job to someone in China so he could surf the internet and watch cat videos on youtube. Apparently he earned several hundred thousand dollars a year and paid around $50,000 to someone in China to do the 9-5. A clever...
  7. coughlan on radio

    I admire him admitting the truth more than sturrock usually does. But he was saying about the players coming in and saying the reason there better away from home is the fans and he didn’t buy it. I do there was good support in the north bank considering how bad we were (apart from the fans...
  8. CocklesShrimps&Whiteweed

    Question One team in Essex?

    Just wondered what peoples thoughts are on our standing alongside our friends from up North? In terms of infrastructure, ability and indeed a viable future; are Col Ewe now light-years ahead of us? One thing that remains unchanged is potential fanbase in which we are (for the moment) and always...
  9. Winkle

    I cant see it happening!

    It's been a while since I posted on here but after yesterdays game ,I feeling utterly frustrated with our performance , so it seems easy to share my post match thoughts with fellow shrimpers.I have been to every game this season(home) and have not missed a home game at the hall for some seven...
  10. Question Is Luggy Correct ?

    I admire Luggy for the work he's done in a short space of time. But is he correct to state to fans when they should vent their anger if they have to? And by stating it on eve of a match does it frustrate fans even more that they'll do the opposite to what he says if the team isn't performing...
  11. Left-wing Journalist Is A Very Silly Boy Shock

    Independent columnist Johann Hari has admitted copying the work of others (including it would seem Ann Leslie of the Daily Mail) to improve his articles. He has also apologised for editing the Wikipedia entries of people he had clashed with, using the pseudonym David Rose, "I took out nasty...
  12. spoons

    Southend fans could set a standard

    This season has started as we all wanted but are the fans setting the same standards as the team? Instead of moronic chants of "We pay your benefit" to Northern clubs and references to rioting recently, why not set a standard for others to admire and chant only for Southend United. Yes, ignore...
  13. ibwiajwa

    Cantona compares Ferguson to Gandhi

    In an interview with the New York Times, Cantona came up with the following gem when asked about Sir Alex: "Today, he is like Gandhi on the game side. With Manchester, I prefer to say, to think, to realise that Ferguson is a kind of genius." Now, I admire Ferguson as much as the next man...
  14. manor15

    Season Preview Needed

    Hi all, I'm compiling a season preview, with fans from every L2 club giving their views. All I need is one of the delightful members of SZ to answer these questions, only a sentence or 2 or a few word answers to each of these: What's your greatest hope for this season? What's the worst case...
  15. Is Martin *that*bad...

    Christ, shrimperzone suicide coming up.... I've begun to take stock of the situation we find ourselves in. Probably because things looked so bleak and I was so angry and frustrated (as are we all no doubt) that i almost gave up completely on the club and in doing so, probably removed the...
  16. Maldon Blues

    Some of my thoughts

    Thread title says it all. Please feel free to disagree. Ron Martin As disappointed and annoyed as everyone else at the plight the club finds itself in, I do genuinally feel that Martin has never deliberatly done anything to the detriment of the club. I think he has at times been naive and...
  17. Slipperduke

    West Ham Fans Fall Short

    Having successfully unjinxed Nicklas Bendtner last week by lampooning his form in front of goal, I wanted to use this week's column to state, quite categorically, that there is not a force on earth that can save Southend United from relegation and financial oblivion. Got that? Hopeless cause. Ha...
  18. Shrimper

    Season hopes

    Greatest hope for this season: Biggest fear: Most Important player: Your terrace favourite: Have you got the right manager: Which team do you most want to beat this season: Opposition player/s you despise: Opposition player/s you admire: Where will you finish: Will be...
  19. Slipperduke

    Champions League Reports

    Apologies, I've been rushed off my feet this week. Here's both games for you. Is it so inconceivable that Arsenal could end this strangest of seasons as Champions of Europe? Arsene Wenger described his side as 'super-outsiders' before the first leg of their clash with Villarreal, but even after...
  20. Shrimper

    Question Martin Out

    Sorry but i've had enough with this guy. Not only does he give us loads of ******** reports and hopes for a new stadium, he also makes up ******** stories in attempts to win the fans over. I respect the guy and i do admire what he's done for the club but i think it's time it was handed to the fans.