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  1. Phil brown yesterday

    I lcould not quite work out what he was getting at .He stated that we have an Amount of players today and we have got to have the same amount come Aug the 9th .Now reading between the lines is he saying the money dictates how many players we have in the squad . Or like last season we were only...
  2. Farce?

    The not so mighty Berrichonne came 3rd from bottom of league 2 last season so i was looking forward to a year or 2 in the National which is like the conferance in the UK,fair enough they lost more then they won and i was gutted but hey ho lets crack on i thought. Then enter stage right a team...
  3. Kevin Hogg

    Going against popular opinion.

    EVERYBODY (including me) has been crying out for the pace, energy and enthusiasm of youth in the England team. 2012 we looked completely out of ideas and just managed to grind results before losing on penalties to a team that destroyed us..but drew the game. Since yesterday morning all the...
  4. londonblue

    Torquay Can't Afford Any More Players

    I doubt we can either, but at least we know what we're up against on Saturday. BBC
  5. shrimperjon

    Win or bust tonight

    Just wondering what people think regarding the result tonight. We have spent the past few weeks saying 'today is a must win game' etc. Well now we have finally dropped out of the play off places we really can not afford anymore mistakes. Unfortunately however, it is very difficult to see an end...
  6. Workmen on site

    No, not Fossett's Farm, let's not be too silly...... When I went down the Hall yesterday to get my tickets for Monday there was a nice slalom course to get into the car park around loads of cones and hazard tape as a group of workmen were busy with a pneumatic drill cutting back all the...
  7. Ref Watch ........ Northampton A

    With wins in competitive matches between Southend and Northampton tied at 43 apiece, we head to Sixfields for a fixture which has produced 21 goals in the last four outings (and we got 12 of them !!). The referee will be an official we have not seen for some while, in fact not since he called...
  8. Cricko

    Zone Fundraising It's that time again.

    It is a without doubt that you all support us at times when you can afford it. We are well aware over the past few years that for a lot of people spare cash is not easy to come by.. The Zone can only exist by covering the costs to run it..Because we are probably detrimental to our cause at times...
  9. Is Freddy still injured

    Or is it a case that he cant get into the side under the system we play. If its the former, how long can we afford to carry a player that never seems to be free of injuries. If on the other hand he is fit to play, is it about time he had a run in the team, or is that to much of a gamble. I would...
  10. Old reader but new poster!

    Hi all, there I was getting annoyed at all the new years resolution talk when I realised that the one thing I definitely SHOULD make an effort to do this year is to contribute to this site rather than simply relying on the contributions of others to get me through my commute/lunchbreak! First...
  11. Why bas vegas ?!?

    I have promised a young lad at work a beer or two after his role in yesterday's victory. He was staying at the Holiday Inn in Basildon, where he saw in the New Year. As he headed down for breakfast the following morning he was accompanied in the lift by some Porstmouth players. They asked his...
  12. MrB

    Blog Post

    Some rare news! Good to see Allan is still interested.
  13. Chickens roosting at Cloud Cuckoo Farm?

    Heard the Ewes manager moaning on the radio this morning about their last minute penalty defeat in the Cup on Saturday. Basically he was saying that the financial implications were serious and that they could ill afford to go out so early as a good cup run was important to their budget. He also...
  14. Is this a New Low (financially)

    Heard today from a good source very close to Phil Brown that Saturday the players are travelling to the game by Train leaving Euston at 9:30am as we cant afford a night over! When we went Newport i noticed that Kings Ferry dont bring the players either wonder if thats due to late payments etc...
  15. 9 and 0

    Woody has now played 9 league games and scored zero,I can understand if he was a top money transfer but he is a loaned kid who IMO cannot cut it at this level at the moment!How can this club afford to have any striker who never troubles the scoreboard operators let alone an untried youngster who...
  16. Davros

    Stadium food hygiene

    Aside from the food often being criticised, now officially rated poor for hygene by the council.... http://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/en-GB/513503 Would either the Trust or Suisa care to raise this at a meeting, as I'm sure the club can hardly afford to be making its fans ill..
  17. Pak Power

    Lee Barnard to return?

    Here, perhaps a clause in contract? Otherwise we probably couldn't afford. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/328520/Lee-Barnard-to-return-to-Southend
  18. Embargo

    Are we still in an Embargo we have now brought in two players under 2 year contracts and Phil Brown talks of another may follow soon .So we cant afford to pay the players it is said . yet players still sign contract .and corr and Prosser signed new contracts . So what is the state of the club...
  19. Mad Cyril

    Has anyone ever heard of this before?

    The McDonalds in Basildon town centre is closing today because it is no longer financially viable. I don't recall ever hearing of a McDonalds shutting down before. Anyone like to speculate whether they have been undercut by the opposition or people just can't afford to eat there anymore?
  20. superblue24

    Benefit Caps Kick In

    Not before time either! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22148764 Sarah Burns, a single mother, told the BBC she would lose more than £90 of the more than £500 she receives every week.She said: "Obviously we will have to cut down on shopping bills. And we'll have to cut our use of gas and...