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  1. Rattus Norvegicus

    Another manager bites the dust

    Tranmere have parted company with M. Adams - desperate times for the club. I feel sorry for the fans. Burton changed manager when Rowett left but otherwise is it a co-incidence that the top 8 or so clubs (Wycombe, Shrewsbury, Bury, Southend and Stevenage for instance) have all kept their...
  2. Cricko

    Alice's Bucket List

    You must be from the Planet Zog if you have not picked up on this story as it has spread through the internet like wildfire, but what a truly inspirational girl. http://alicepyne.blogspot.com/
  3. * ORM *

    Back after the summer recess in the City

    UGG boots. FFS there should be a law against these being worn above 5C. What next ? Manbags ? Men wearing Alice bands. Fake orange tans ? Women wearing black suits with White shoes or flip flops? Nah, that won't happen.
  4. yogi bear up the cagire

    Middle Names to remember or forget?

    Was reminded about my daughter when I heard 'CLASH' featured in the pre-match music at Millwall. My surname starts with an S and as we had decided to name our daughter Clara I dwelt for some time on giving her the middle names of her grandmothers, Leah and Alice.........in the end I dropped the...
  5. pickledseal

    Alice in Wonderland

    I think this could well be awesome.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_8110000/newsid_8113700/8113733.stm The tried and tested Time Burton/Johnny Depp/HBC combo :) Apparently it's set after the original novel, but inclues most of the characters
  6. callan

    Interview a Zoner - Part 1.

    How well do we know our fellow zoners? In order to bridge the gaps I thought I would do a series of Interviews to fill in some voids. First up is John Lleweyln Crickson..or Cricko. ------------------------------------------- Q. What did you have for Breakfast this morning? Cricko:- ah thats an...
  7. Great New Story About The Boy Eastwood

    a absolutely fantastic new story about freddy. On Easter Saturday, a friend of mine walked into a local pub in corringham for a quite drink with a mate, when he pushed open the door, he was amazed to see about 20 gippos all drinking and shouting and having a good time. He also noticed the large...
  8. Malice In Wonderland

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7316174.stm Apparently theres going to be a remake of Alice In Wonderland filmed in Southend staring Mischa Barton, which is nice. Good thing for the town, I wonder how long it will be until she has a restraining order out on Chadded though. And its an...
  9. Southminster_Shrimper

    Saffron Walden Ladies B vs Southend Utd Ladies (Match Report)

    Match: Saffron Walden Ladies B vs Southend Utd Ladies Venue: Catons Lane, Saffron Walden Kickoff: 2:00pm Conditions: Mild and Dry SZ Reps: “bluesbloke” and “Southminster_Shrimper” Well, after a few discrepancies in the satnav...
  10. bluesbloke

    sufc ladies v assandun vikings (cup)

    match report (of sorts!) southend utd ladies 5 - 4 assandun vikings (cup) @ eastwoodbury lane, southend - 24 feb 2008 goals summary 1-0 southend's number 8 cuts in from the left, shot on goal is fumbled by keeper gifting southend's number 9 a tap-in from the 6 yard box. 2-0 southend's...
  11. SUFC_Al

    New To The Pub - It's Metal Monday (Part 1)

    Taking influence from Dave and MK's "to start the weekend" I decided that i'd start a "Metal Monday" thread for those who like they're music heavy and want some brightening up on a Monday. I shalln't be exclusive to Metal, anything that's good a good guitar riff will suffice. This week I'm...
  12. DTS

    Strangest place you have met a bird.

    When I was at college as Dad of DtS is a cold and heartless ******* I had to work over the weekends to pay for my own beer money. How child line didn't get involved I will never know but there you go. Most of my mates worked at Tesco's but that was too far for me to walk so i got a job as a...
  13. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

    Just heard about this book that was published late last year - some strange choices and (IMHO) some glaring ommisions. That said, I own 293 of these and have heard a further 108 giving me a respectable total of 401. To be honest, dying would be a favourable option to hearing most of the others...