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  1. The I Phone and Technology

    I like to think of myself as a young pup at 23. Even since the 90s there has been a massive development in technology from the Sega Saturn and Mega Drive to X Box and Playstation and Wii. Brick like mobile phones with children lucky to have one and perhaps parents well off to almost all...
  2. Slipperduke

    Spain Stunned By Yanks

    USA 2-0 Spain Altidore 25 Dempsey 73 Last week the American football team could have been forgiven for packing their bags in advance of an early exit. Beaten in a tight encounter with Italy and then thrashed to within an inch of their lives by Brazil, their only hope of qualification was to...
  3. Crawliano

    Question Where's the new away kit?

    I want to see it, be amazed/disgusted and then hand over regardless then 60 sovs for the full shebang with name number and patches. Hurry!
  4. Question Highlight of the season

    Inspired by this thread on the farmer's site http://forum.cu-fcchat.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5007 and amazed by how many have chosen gaining a point at the Hall as their highlight of the season, I thought I'd put the same question to the Zone. What was your highlight of the season? Oh, and...

    Breaking News Rons Latest Blog

    It appears the graphics didn't copy over, sorry !!! Chairman's Blog Firstly let me apologise to all those readers who were anticipating my blog yesterday. It is important that the Club do things when they say they are going to and I am sorry I could not deliver yesterday but was reliant upon...
  6. Silencer

    Foran for Inverness C Thistle

    ...Just reading on BBC Sport and was amazed to see Richie Foran pick up Man of the Match against Celtic. Even had a goal ruled out. Sorry if already posted!! He is gone now and whatever happened is final and I doubt whether we will ever know. Anyways....hope we use his reported £3k a week...
  7. BoyWonder2

    The BoyWonder Theory

    I've read many threads on here over the past 2-3 weeks about the problems that people think we have at the Club and I have resisted posting in some threads and thought I'd put my views across in this thread. The biggest problem that has faced us this season, which hasn't been a problem in any...
  8. Our Support

    Having just got home, I am amazed at some of the comments about our support. So I just want to say: 1. We were battered for 90 minutes 2. We were split between two tiers 3. Of course some Chelsea Mugs are going to say we were worse than Col Ewe - they know it will make some on here bite...
  9. What A Setting For Cricket

    Watching the NZ v WI game right now at Queenstown, and I'm amazed by the ground. What a place to play cricket, looks brilliant.
  10. Steve Tilson

    I've just got back home and I am still so angry at today's performance - I've spent a good hour and half discussing the Tilson situation with my mate who, like me, has been going to Southend since the early/mid 80's, so this is not someone who has jumped on the recent bandwagon. I'm amazed to...
  11. canveyshrimper

    Don't read if you are of a nervous dispostion

    A true story and its source was the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service in Adelaide. A bloke and his family were on holidays in the United States and went to Mexico for a week. An avid cactus fan, the man bought one-metre high, rare and expensive cactus there. On arrival back home...
  12. Aberdeen Shrimper

    How well do you know your partner

    I was having a chat with Mrs AS regarding her likes and dislikes and it struck me that i knew her better than thought i did, which amazed the pair of us. Simple question do you know the following about your partner.....please, no cheating. Eye colour Date of Birth Favourite movie Favourite...
  13. Uncle Leo

    Shepherd's Bush Shrimper's Scunny Report

    Apologies for the delay with this one. Makes less depressing reading than reports of our humping in Bristol though.... It’s fair to say that the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire region is not a happy hunting ground for us Shrimpers. We very rarely seem to pick up points at the lovely...
  14. Question If Southend sort of cheated like Reading ?

    For those that haven't seen it, Reading scored possibly the most bizarre goal ever in a professional match. The ball came across from a corner and hit a Watford player on the thigh and is going out for a corner about 3ft wide of the post, when a Reading player tries to keep it in and whips it...
  15. DTS

    Question Is is acceptable to bring a Dog into a banking hall.

    I am currently studying for my IFA exams. This basically means being stuck in a office of a high street bank for seven hours at a time. Having not worked in retail banking for about 8 years I am amazed by how standards of customers have slipped. Being in a sleepy sussex town I imagined it...
  16. JoshC

    Rant and Dec!!

    RANT AND DEC!!!! It is believed that Tv's beloved geordie duo have found themselves involved in another scandal. Just minutes after Dec's seedy past was revealed and the news that the two were arrested in connection with the mysterious fire on the pier of Weston super mare the cheeky boys have...
  17. DTS

    Help needed with an excuse.

    Right - Got home yesterday and found that myself and Mrs DtS have been invited to a wedding. The lucky couple are one of my best mates sisters and her hubby. I know the couple quite well as my mate Mike has been one of my best mates since I was sixteen and we virtually lived at his house for...
  18. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke's Slippery Euro08 Coverage

    I thought I'd wander out over here for the next few weeks, as it's all going to get a bit busy. Here's the first of many..... He may be the best player in the world, but Cristiano Ronaldo certainly isn't the smartest. His refusal to pledge his loyalty to Manchester United has led to intense...
  19. Great New Story About The Boy Eastwood

    a absolutely fantastic new story about freddy. On Easter Saturday, a friend of mine walked into a local pub in corringham for a quite drink with a mate, when he pushed open the door, he was amazed to see about 20 gippos all drinking and shouting and having a good time. He also noticed the large...
  20. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it????

    Reading the Movie thread this morning got me thinking again about a Pirate movie i watched about 20 odd years ago. I have been trying to track it down ever since; the only snag is i have very little information about it other than my memories of it.....would rally appreciate some help trying...