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  1. Interpol Shrimper

    Bob Paisley

    Here's a link to petition Downing Street to posthumously award Bob Paisley a knighthood Sir Bob Paisley Petition The man has to be one of the greatest ever tactical football brains and achieved far more than anyone would have ever thought after taking the reigns at Anfield from Shankly. Very...
  2. Slipperduke

    The view from Tufnell Park...

    My neighbours will never speak to me again. When I awoke on Wednesday morning to find my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and an empty bottle of white wine in my bed, I was dimly aware that something incredible might have happened. It took another 30 seconds for the memories to filter back...
  3. Elvisisashrimper

    How many dislike Man U?

    Is it just me or does everyone dislike Man U and there gobby fans? Watching the Man U v Liverpool game on SKY last weekend the pub was full of ****ney Mancs....no fans from Manchester of course. Everytime Crouch had the ball some tw&t shouted freak....he was in his thirties so not some...
  4. KrustyTheKray

    More Eastwood Transfer Rumours!

    Just been googling for any transfer rumours connected to SUFC and in particular Freddy. Well could he make the same step as super Stan The Man Collymore did? Just look at this link on a Liverpool unofficial forum. Someone claiming to work with Freddy's sister?  Surely this guy would be sworn...
  5. Interpol Shrimper


    Bit of a strange one this as I'm not one for the "Player X is the new Player Y" arguments but I caught most of Football Years on Sky Three last night & it was the 81/82 season when Liverpool won the league (despite being 12th at Xmas) & the Milk Cup. Anyway, this was Ian...
  6. Interpol Shrimper

    Centenary Merchandise

    Seeing as the club do now tend to notice (mostly) when the fans come up with some good ideas, what kind of merchandise would you hope would be available to celebrate our impending centenary season? I personally would really like a coffee-mug (not one of those horrible oversize latte things...
  7. Elvisisashrimper

    Give us a song

    New to the Shrimperzone so thought I would pick up on the thread relating to creating an atmosphere. Dicussions were around knocking down walls but I reckon there is a simple way of creating a great atmosphere. Lets get create 2 or 3 easy to learn catchy songs that can be sung around the...
  8. FA Cup

    Afternoon. Ok. I know this is very premature but just something I was thinking about. Say we get past Barnet on Saturday then win the 2nd round - what would you want in the third round? Would you lot want a big Premier$hite team that could potentially be a big shock in the FA Cup and...
  9. Interpol Shrimper

    Thick scouse monkeys...

    Flowers and tributes were left in an alleyway where the body of a mystery dead baby was found - before police realised it was only a chicken foetus. A member of the public discovered the remains in a back alley in the Anfield area of Liverpool. Police cordoned off the scene but soon realised...
  10. Why don't we sing...

    Can't help falling in love with you? When loads of people sing it it sounds quality. We need something everyone sings like at Anfield with sign on, sign on. Has it ever been sung before?? And before anyone just writes a daft reply... think... Always read the label. Polish Shrimper
  11. fbm

    Players mental attitude

    On the face of it, things couldn't look much rosier. We went to Bristol, deservedly won 2-1 and Bristol had little to indicate that they would pose any threat at all.  Their main man, Junior Agogo, was more like Junior Agogone as he was completely dominated by Prior. Since then we have all...
  12. Persistent Standing

    Reading through the Shrimpers' Trust liaison meeting notes, I have come to the conclusion that Geoffrey King somewhat misses the point about persistent standing in the North Stand. Despite the Trust representative informing him that "our experience at away matches was that stewards...
  13. southend4ever

    Where was you when.....

    you first had gravy on your chips?? I was obviously up north. It was in a fish and chip shop in Liverpool just before a game at Anfield. Never looked back since. well invented. Northern boys love their gravy
  14. Chrissy Powell

    From Football365 Rumour Of The Day 'Liverpool's rivals are now openly ridiculing the Kop squad’s bungling Champions League bid. Charlton defender Chris Powell was heard singing ‘Champions League, you’re having a laugh’ as his side warmed down after Monday’s 1-0 win at Anfield' – The Sun