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  1. fbm

    Players you might have forgotten played for us...

    So I was having a chat with someone the other day and he mentioned the name of a player I had completely forgotten about... someone who pulled on a blue shirt yet and was actually pretty well known but was so anonymous and made such little impact for us that I had completely forgotten about...
  2. Floval Flyer

    Broadband ? Sky / BT / Talk Talk opinions

    Our BT infinity deal is coming to an end and we're thinking of changing ISPs We currently have the 76MB infinity 2 with the TV package etc. We hardly ever watch the add on channels so am considering going for a plain old Internet, but as we've been a BT customer for about 15 years have no clue...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Our next manager

    With the current incumbent's contract effectively expiring exactly 6 months' time, it's time to look forward to see in what direction we should go. The new manager will need to reshape the entire squad. Of Saturday's starting XI, the youngest player under contract for next season will be 32...
  4. The budget and Gills Shrews and Vale

    Cold light of day . Its obvious the player budget was fairly decent this season,question is will Ron be happy with 7th considering Scunthorpe and Fleetwood finished higher with smaller crowds and I guess smaller budgets. My view is we started the season looking relegation fodder,yet some...
  5. Poor management

    Let's be honest, Last night the result had little meaning,win lose or draw we were through ! My beef is the rules state 5 first team players must play,Brown started with Fortune and Cox who both have clearly demonstrated they cannot score regularly ,then Cox is hooked in peculiar circumstances...
  6. londonblue

    Plastic Pitches

    I've always been against plastic pitches because I've always felt football should be played on grass. However, I was watching a bit of the Albion/Rangers game last night and it seemed to me that the new generation of plastic pitches plays as well as grass, and certainly the players seemed to be...
  7. blues_r_best

    Rubén Rayos

    Appalling challenge, one of the worst I've ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KoMfW7ragc
  8. Fans near the Burger Bar Tonight...

    Cannot believe what I saw/heard tonight... A section of fans taking the **** and abusing a man chanting about things like Fossetts Farm, when he obviously had a disability... Get some respect. Also the treatment of Smith and Spillane was ****ing appalling around that area; some of our supporters...
  9. IN or OUT

    With all the ( very tedious ) Smith and Eastwood debates of late , I'm getting confused now as to who is 'IN FAVOUR' and who is 'OUT'. There have been pro and con comments about everyone of our squad , which is fine as it's all about opinions. I've listed some below ( some slightly tongue in...
  10. Set pieces

    Don't get me wrong, I like Kevan Hurst, but surely someone else must be capable of taking a decent corner? His delivery was appalling on Saturday but he took every single set piece. Mix it up a bit FFS.
  11. Thorpe Groyney

    'Big Society' Aide Turns On Cameron Over Children's 'Appalling Experience'

    Blimey. Phillip Blond, who David Cameron described as an 'intellectual soulmate' has said that government policy of 'Big Society' has actually made children's lives worse. Blond set up the ResPublica research group and thinktank for Cameron, and they issued their findings in "Children And The...
  12. Southend United 2010/2011 Review

    More attention (understandably) seemingly on Lincoln's result today than our own, so I thought I'd bring the focus back to the mighty Blues. Hope you enjoy the article: Against my better judgement I’m beginning to feel sorry for the Lib Dems. No, wait, hear me out. Obviously they’re a...
  13. Hawkwell Blue

    Football League Response re Accrington Game

    Ever felt you were the victim of a standard reply...gee thanks FL! I have heard nothing from Accrington while SUFC did acknowledge my e-mail but had nothing to answer, I just copied them in. Here it the FL reply to my e-mail that is below... Nick, Thank you for your email regarding the...
  14. Question Strikers ?

    After loosing matt paterson for a month and sturrock saying he may not come back dont you think sturrock should of given him the chance ? Just look at spencer he wasnt even on the reserve sub bench ? And paterson was only on the reserve bench ? :duh: To be honest the strikers we have now are...
  15. Tangled up in Blue

    Kettling-another Hillsborough?

  16. fbm

    The beginning.

    OK, the shock to remove Tilly as our manager was felt as much by me as by anybody on here. I suppose the quantity of messages on here in support of Tilly was to be expected, as is the anti-Ron stuff. I honestly didn't think he would actually get rid of Tilson unless we had an appalling start to...
  17. Thrills, Spills and Unpaid Bills - The League One Review Part One

    So, another season bites the dust and it’s all over bar the fighting at the Wembley mud bath. As ever, ten months of football has served up more twists, turns and travesties than a Mail on Sunday honey trap and hopefully this should spread some light on the season just gone. Norwich Starting...
  18. Slipperduke

    Nothing To Love At City Either

    I was delighted to see Manchester City lose this weekend. How appalling is that? It made me feel dirty. It is a truly sad man who takes pleasure in the misfortune of others, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to feel anything other than contempt for Roberto Mancini's men. They were well...
  19. Slipperduke

    Wenger Really Isn't A Paedo

    Sir Alex Ferguson has not exactly covered himself in glory in front of the press this season, but his spirited defence of Arsene Wenger's honour is to be applauded. The Manchester United boss has called on his own supporters to refrain from their sickening chants about Arsene Wenger when they...
  20. Slipperduke

    Tweet That, Darren

    Have you ever Twittered? I have to confess that, like European federalism, gardening and 'Jedward', I always thought it was something for other people to worry about. Twitter, I found out this week, is a chance to spurt 140 characters of whatever you're doing at the world, or at least those...