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  1. Mad Cyril


    Has anyone used a local architect that specialises in conversions and knows what Castle Point planners are likely to approve? If so I would appreciate their details. If not I could always knock on Ron's door I suppose...
  2. Sussex Shrimper

    Diving bans: Football Association expected to approve retrospective action

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39962886 Long overdue as far as I'm concerned. Name 'em and shame 'em, assuming that the latter is actually possible. Hopefully as this progresses previous suspensions will be considered when meting out new ones, and repeat offenders will rapidly reach a...
  3. Napster

    skinheads in southend

    i know blue ronny ronny wont approve but this was in the daily mail today http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3800192/Fascinating-pictures-skinheads-rampage.html
  4. Tangled up in Blue

    The Late Kick-off

    Anyone else stay up for TLKO last night? What a joke "regional" programme this is.Of course there was no Wembley special featuring our first ever visit there, though tbf they did discuss and approve of the "decision" for Phil Brown to lead the team out on Sunday, along with showing the Bradford...
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    Bristol Rovers new stadium plans approved

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-18898457 Bet they move in before we do.:'( Notice the Sainsbury's connection too.
  6. Cricko

    Stadium and The Council

    From today Echo: Stadium won't figure in next council budget. Council finance bosses believe work on Southend United's new stadium will not start for at least another 7 months. Finance chiefs at the Civic Centre are not banking on getting the £7.7 million as part of the Blues stadium deal...
  7. Deadpool 2011/2010 Result

    Is this happening for the year ahead? Can we also get the 2010 thread unlocked for the result? I await the annual onslaught from those who don't approve.
  8. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke Review of 2009

    Welcome, my very dear friends, to a very special presentation. It's that time of year again, you see. A chance to sift through the wreckage of twelve months of English football, to reward the noble and to eviscerate the terrible. Bigger than the Ballon D'or, more prestigious than the PFA, these...
  9. chadded

    NSFW Tottenham away. Love it.

    This is unsafe for work, if your boss doesn't approve of you watching videos on youtube of mindless violence, and broad use of the C word, and I don't mean C*lchester. The football Factory in four and a half, glorious minutes. Well, what else you gonna do on a Saturday...
  10. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile - Part 11: The tables have turned!

    Hi folks, This will be the final Interview with an Exile for Series 1, and I thought I would give some of the people I have cheekily edited on here over the past few months the opportunity to get their own back. So in the series finale, I am answering the questions! Would like to thank...
  11. Slipperduke

    EPL Half-Term Reports Pt II

    Bolton - Not one of our most popular pupils, this one. Prone to fits of violence and if there's a ruckus in the playground, you'll invariably find him at the centre of it. That said, he has settled into his work better this term and is beginning to achieve some reasonable grades. A bit more...
  12. Rusty Shackleford

    This country isn't free anymore

    A list of BNP members has been leaked on to the internet. People who are on it fear for their jobs. Police officers who are members will definitely be sacked. The Association of Chief Police Officers has banned police officers and staff from belonging to the BNP. Last month a Greater Manchester...
  13. Shrimp Toothbrush

    Today's selection comes from indie popsters Kingmaker. I know sod-all about them, but it's a cracking little choon: Ten Years Asleep. "I approve," says Georgina Baillie, "as Andrew Sachs' granddaughter I like early 90's Indie pop and urge every Shrimperzoner to attend The Colours Between gig...
  14. TBV_Dan

    Stadium Approved

    It has now been announced on the OS that the final approval for our stadium has been approved. Ron Martin said "Our programme to be in the new stadium for the start of the 2010 season remains unchanged." This is good news for many fans, and I for one can't wait to get in there. Here is a link...
  15. The Flying Scotsman

    Seat for life at new stadium?

    This is a letter that my father-in-law has sent to the club, the echo and has asked me to put it on here to see what your thoughts are - In a nutshell, he is suggesting that instead of getting everyone buying shares which are effectively worthless with such a large controlling stake, the club...
  16. TrueBlue

    My Football Club

    Members approve Ebbsfleet takeover Dear Mr. SexGodWithSteakMealInHand, MyFootballClub members have today approved the takeover of Ebbsfleet United football club, the first website-community takeover of its kind in the world. Over 95.7% voted in favour of going ahead with the deal. In the...
  17. Reading Shrimper

    Great News! Roots Hall plans approved

    The Council have approved the plans to re-develop Roots Hall. Surely great news ahead of the public enquiry tomorrow! http://www.thisissouthend.co.uk/display.var.1710874.0.roots_hall_sainsburys_plan_agreed.php :) :) :) :)
  18. sussex by the sea

    Stadium application - planners recommendation

    I know this has been briefly mentioned in other threads but I thought it should be subject of a seperate thread. The Southend Council planning officers report is now on the Council website (via the Council & Democracy section, agenda & minutes, development control commitee 24/1)...
  19. Managers making their transfer targets public

    Just a few thoughts on all of the latest 'Players refusing to sign their new contract' news. I think we should wait and see what Flavs, Dudfield, Che, Nicky and Jay do re their contracts, before we get too worked up about whether they will or won't sign. It would be somewhat ironic if a player...
  20. Big Screen at Roots Hall

    Would the fans who dont have access to sky or dont want to watch this weekends away game in a pu approve of having a big screen on the pitch at roots hall in order to watch the game?