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  1. overseas shrimper

    Operation Spaniard!

    Re-locating to a new life abroad is a costly afair... and at times like this... painful. It looks like Jávea is going to be stuck in a bar in Spain, watching our heros from afar because of this very reason. I know there are others who are either going to miss the historical game (yes...
  2. SZ Challenge Cup

    What's the deadline for fixtures to be scheduled? I've got an away fixture, so I'm waiting for my opponent to schedule the game. This still isn't scheduled and I checked and the team I'm due to play (Hardwick Rejects) hasn't logged in since 2nd March. I'm just...
  3. Two spare tickets for Bristol Rovers going

    I have two spare tickets for Bristol R game on tuesday if anyones interested, please let me know on www.theshrimpers-online.co.uk, and we can arrange a met , only want face value for tickets Dave Smiths Love Child
  4. * ORM *

    Newbie Cup Tourney

    For div 6 newbies only and due to start next week - The cup is Hattrick endorsed so this would be in place of any friendlies you might want to arrange. Can I have names of those genuinely interested by Wednesday please. Ta

  6. Shrimperstrust

    Away Travel - City Pick Up

    There has been a lot of chat recently about why the Trust doesn't arrange a pick up from the City of London for away games (particularly the midweek ones). There are many reasons for this but most notably, logistical problems and supposed lack of interest. Well here's your opportunity to prove...
  7. KrustyTheKray

    Shrimperzone.com meet-up

    I was reading in the London Evening standard the other week about this clan/cult that arrange via email/websites to meet up in huge-huge groups and to perform different things etc! One example the clan/cult secretly arranged, was to meet on a platform at Kings Cross Station (at an arranged...
  8. Interpol Shrimper

    Livestrong Wristbands

    OK guys, you may remember a few weeeks ago the debate about the yellow Livestrong wristbands and I said that I'd order 10. Well after almost 8 weeks of waiting they're here. As my PM inbox has now deleted all my messages, I know that the following people requested one: - Benfleetshrimp The...
  9. Football crews

    Now this is in no way meant as a derogatory post against the various crews and their actions/behaviour. Although I dont agree condone or would ever partake. Its seems to me from someone not ITK that all this malarky is just so 1970/80s. I can understand to some extent if a visiting crowd start...
  10. Taste Tests

    One of the board administrators has persuaded me to perform a Taste Test before games this season , both home and away. So starting Saturday I will be sampling the delights of local catering around and inside the ground. Away games will be covered if I am able to waddle round the country. Anyone...
  11. Mass shrimperzone meeting(operation upmininster)

    It occurs to me that we talk to each other more often than not every day on this website, but hardly know each other. Why dont we use the West Ham game as a getting to know you excercise and all arrange to meet up somewhere sensible before the game. We could all meet up in a pub in upmininster...
  12. ShrimperZone Sponsorship 2004/05

    Chaps, Anyone who has not yet sent their cheques to Kev, or has still to arrange with him to hand over the cash, please do so at the earliest opportunity! Cheers! WS
  13. Season Tickets / Credit Cards

    For anyone who wants to use a credit card to pay for a SUFC season ticket it is really quite simple to sort out. Most credit cards offer balance transfers either at promotional rates (i.e. 0% for 6mths) or normal transfer rates, normally no higher than say 5.9% apr. Nearly all credit card...