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  1. pickledseal

    Car Thieving Scum

    And so where do we always return...? Having had a period of lurking (partly due to the busy-ness of getting hitched on 15th Feb), I haven't been as active of late. I'm still here. And my reasons for posting? I woke up this morning to find my car stolen, from the drive. No signs of entry (broken...
  2. The NHS.....

    Blog can be read Here.. The Old Lovers August 30, 2013 by fakethom | 4 Comments A brief story about two old lovers in hospital. We shall call them Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is dying. He’s on a ward in the bottom corner of a hospital, an is slowly but surely coming to the end of his...
  3. Shrimper

    Breaking News Will Atkinson signs

    Southend United ‏@SUFCRootsHall2m Our second signing of the summer has just signed his contract. Any guesses? We'll reveal all in a couple of minutes. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BOVpxblCAAIH4Jl.jpg:large Southend United ‏@SUFCRootsHall1m Southend United are delighted to announce...
  4. yogi bear up the cagire

    Moussa arrives

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21189430 Thought it would be last year but Moussa Sissoko finally arrives in England. A little surprised that he has gone so far North but I shall ba very interested to see how he does in the Premiership. I saw tfc (toulouse) play in the League Cup at PSG...
  5. MrB

    FC - Season 24

    A new season arrives.....and I forgot to set orders! Luckily we're playing UGTF who are mid rebuild and having 6 all rounders means no real disasters. However one of our main bats has missed out and we have a trainee bowling. Shouldn't matter though. Opening week gates as rubbish as ever...
  6. Hawkwell Blue

    Pre-Match Thread 5th Friends of Katie Cricket Match 8th July 2pm

    Hi, Just to let fellow zoners know that our 5th Friends of Katie cricket match is being held at Little Baddow Cricket Club on Sunday 8th July at 2pm. The game, in aid of my late daughter, is in aid of Little Havens Childrens Hospice who looked after her so well. We have raised over £50,000 in...
  7. wally4pm

    Cheltenham away

    I know its a bit of a while until we go there on 10th December, but I've planned ahead and promised to take my missus to relatives in the Cotswolds that weekend so that I can slip off to the match! Travelodge booked, however I have realised that Cheltenham races are on that day also and that the...
  8. Stats

    Saturday Nights Music Sorted - Double Whammy

    Double hit this evening. Firstly my pet project Euphoric Vision #004 arrives with a decent blend of Electro, Progressive & Trance ready to get you on your way on a Saturday night (or whenever you fancy/read this message) http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/59599/Euphoric-Vision-004-Trance--Progressive...
  9. Cricko

    Beckham at Spurs

    DB arrives at Tottinghams training ground for a medical. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1345719/David-Beckham-The-way-Essex-star-arrives-Tottenham-medical.html
  10. Mr Dudus

    Check out the fantastic disguise Mr 'Dudus' Coke was wearing when he was arrested: Maybe Ron Martin should take note...;)...
  11. manor15


    Serbia Manager: Radomir Antic Captain: Dejan Stankovic FIFA Ranking: 16 Group D Background: South Africa 2010 will be Serbia's first World Cup as an independent nation after previously competing as Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. As Yugoslavia they reached the World Cup Semi-Finals...
  12. Slipperduke

    Scudamore Is A Mad Fool

    I hope you’ll ignore the sheen of cold sweat across my face today. I’m not ill, I’ve just been reading those interviews with Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore. It was a most disconcerting experience, rather like jumping into a cab and realising, as the engine roars and the locks...
  13. Bob Cratchitt

    SZFC Quiz Night 20-Mar-2010

    In case you have not seen the Thread in the SZFC section, I thought I would advertise our event to a wider audience, the club is having a Quiz night in the Shrimpers Bar after the Carlisle Game. It will be the usual format of Fish n Chips followed by the Quiz. The food arrives at 7.30pm and the...
  14. fbm

    Can we just think about this please?

    Look, this is not a pro Ron, blue tinted (or should I say blue rinsed with that hair!) statement and I, like many others have been feeling increasingly disillusioned at the off field events of this season. But one thing is blatantly obvious - we have no idea of actually what is going on behind...
  15. Supershrimper

    Blues Insider email???

    Has anyone else stopped receiving this email? It used to be emailed on a wednesday (Its not the friday newsletter that the club sends out but one they send out on a wednesday). I also don't seem to get any more of Rons "From the Chair" emails. Not sure if its a problem with just my hotmail...
  16. First Class Footballer, Second Rate Sportsman

    Alone in the 18 yard box, dejected with a painful expression on his face. He's missed the penalty, yet the Santiago Bernabeu is rocking. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is back to his usual, petulant self and even the Madrid faithful are growing ever-so-slightly tired of it all. If ever a moment defined...
  17. jamesmut2000

    Breaking News club statement - George Friend

    clicky The statement finally arrives!
  18. Question Who is Geoff King?

    The man (or one of them!) that is making a lot of blood boil at the moment - who is he? * Is he associated with Ron Martin in anyway (past business etc) * What is (or was) his 'day job' * Was he successful? * What are his strengths/weaknesses in his background? * Is he 'under performing' in...
  19. DTS the Barsteward

    He had me Smiffy,and a few others I think Hook,Line and Sinker yesterday. He arrives at the Spread about 12 ish and stayed till about 9pm which is amazing for a start..We were all just chatting in the carpark about his wedding etc when he announces that Ldnfasto has a new girlfriend he intents...
  20. pickledseal

    Breaking News Team Card +

    Team Blues + Southend United are pleased to announce the details of next season’s Team Blues membership schemes, introducing Team Blues + the brand new upgraded membership with many exclusive benefits. Team Blues membership proved extremely popular last season with members receiving priority...