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  1. Real Outclassed in El Clasico to Forget

    Lionel Messi and Pedro Rodriguez sealed a dominant win for Barcelona in El Clasico, seemingly deciding the La Liga title race as Real were left out thought, out fought and out classed. This will, by no means, go down in history as an El Clasico to remember. Barcelona entered the contest coming...
  2. Benfleet A1

    A Pig 36 Hours

    We all get them, we all have those days when you wish you could turn back the clock and stay in bed but where would be the fun in that. I knew it was coming because I had prior warning that there was no cover for sunday night and I had already been asked to help out. Not a major problem, I...
  3. MrB

    Songs you have an irrational hatred of

    We all have music we don't like and there's some pretty obvious stuff out there for all of us. However, sometimes, even from a band or genre you like, there's a song that just rubs you up the wrong way for some particular reason. So much so you have to turn off whatever media device is...
  4. Interpol Shrimper

    Decent Hotels near Euston Station

    Has anybody got any decent recommendations for hotels in & around the Euston Station area in London? The Mrs is coming down in a few months for a trip with her mate and has been asked to book the accommodation. They will be getting the train into London arriving at Euston and her mate is a bit...
  5. Slipperduke

    Black Cats Deserve Credit

    What's the saddest thing about 'Ballon-Gate'? Nope, it's not the nagging suspicion that only a handful of referees ever read their ruleback all the way to the end, nor is it the damage caused to Liverpool's title hopes by one of their own fans. It's the complete absence of credit given to...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Warning - for users of hand/man bags

    I have been passed this story today. A woman visited the toilet in John Lewis @ Blue water and hung her handbag on the back of the toilet door. As she carried on about her business, a hand suddenly appeared over the top of the stall and grabbed her bag clean off the hook!!! She immediately...
  7. Slipperduke

    It's A Yeung Man's Game

    Carson Yeung's imminent takeover of Birmingham City is a watershed moment for English football. For the first time in history, half of the Premier League is in the hands of overseas investors. Ten clubs, ten multi-millionaire owners, but does Yeung really have a chance of success in the...
  8. Slipperduke

    Terry's Disingenuous Pledge

    If you ever wanted to capture the essence of modern football in just one page, you could do a lot worse than paying a visit to Chelsea's website. Here, behind the splash of adverts for a new kit that looks more like a women's cycling top than a football jersey, you will find John Terry's...
  9. Slipperduke

    I'd Have Booed Beckham

    I've been a little bit sniffy about football in America in the past. With their 'marquee' players and unbridled enthusiasm for the spectacular, there's always been a doubt in my mind as to whether they really 'get' what football is all about. That is until now. I'm sure I can't be the only...
  10. First Signings from last 18 years

    Thought this would make interesting reading, signing dates get messy pre 1990. As you can see only in 1999 did we manage to secure a transfer in June everyone else arriving in July and August. Going on calculations here looks like its going to be around 18th July. Kevin Betsy Bristol C Signed...
  11. Exiled Shrimper

    Vying for the number three spot

    Forget the X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent or Strictly Come Dancing, there was only one audition to attend this weekend as three prospective England batsmen took to the crease to try and force their way back into the international reckoning. England must now long for the days when a succession...
  12. who knew?

    I have been driving for over 50 years. I would think I should have noticed the little secret on my dashboard that was staring me in the face the whole time...I didn't...and I bet you didn't either... Have you ever rented or borrowed a car and when arriving at the petrol station wondered...mmm...
  13. Rob Noxious

    Memory Lane: Postponements

    Reading about the debacle of Tuesday's postponement and the uncertainty surrounding the Swindon game has reminded me of the awful feeling of arriving in a strange town after a long journey to be confronted with the grim news that the game you'd anticipated seeing is... off. I remember driving...
  14. Match postponements

    Living and working in London these days means I have a longer journey than some (not all) to Southend home games. Just before leaving work at around 6pm in Farringdon I check the OS to confirm the match is going ahead. I then leg it round to Liverpool Street and get the last possible train...
  15. Pub For Saturday ?

    just wondering where all the shrimpers will be drinking on saturday ? im going to be arriving for about 12:30, and would just like to know where to head off to ? thanks :support:
  16. Benfleet A1

    I may have dropped a bollock

    Flight details were wrong so sat around the airport for ages gagging for a fag. Finally arrived in Berlin and had the myth dispelled that Germans were quite the friendly types. Not here my friends for I am in the old East Berlin and they are not nice. My suspicions were aroused when a fight...
  17. BaileytheQuitter

    Current computer games

    Personally there has never been such a fruitful season for computer games! Started off with Pro Evo, which I still haven't really got into but it is one of those games you will always come back to later on in the year. Then I bought Gears of War 2, which is simply stunning. Completed it this...
  18. Slipperduke

    Trio Walcott!

    Call off the search and return the helicopters back to base. The England team, missing since the summer of 2004, have been found alive and well in Zagreb. After what had seemed like an eternity of dour, artless whimpering, the three lions found their voice and roared back into life against...
  19. canveyshrimper

    Liverpool Street today

    Just heard on the BBC news that delays up to half an hour are expected for trains arriving to Liverpool St, due to over running engineering work. Good luck.:)

    The International Council of Man Laws

    The International Council of Man Laws 1. Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2. It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her Blouse. (c) After wrecking...