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  1. mattytheshrimper

    What has changed our recent form?

    we have been playing so much better, working as team, winning a few games, getting great results away from home even shooting from outside the box occasionally, whats changed to make this happen? i think a lot of it is down to macca arriving, he's been brilliant since he came along. best...
  2. DVD's

    Just to let you know the End of Season and Manchester United DVD's will both be arriving tomorrow at the Club Shop. Can't say what time yet but at definately tomorrow.
  3. Spurs Ticket Delivery

    I've just found out that the tickets never arrived from spurs today and that they will be arriving wednesday morning! So don't be surprised if there is a delay in the morning so you may want to change the time you are planning on going.
  4. Groyne Strain

    Hull, Hell And Happiness

    18 hours of hell, 1 moment of ecstasy ..... 4.00pm - get up from bed (I work nights), showered, breakfasted, watch greedy tart crying because she only won a tenner on Deal Or Sod Off, Noel. 5.00pm - can't afford the bus fare to Billericay station, where Chipper is being dropped off from...
  5. Ricketts out Teddy In?

    I must admit to being away for a few days and cannot be bothered to trawk through old posts to see if someone has made the connection, albeit spurious, between Ricketts going (on £4000 a week) and the possible imminent arrival of a certain other former England striker (reputedly on £5000 a...
  6. Stupidity When Drunk

    OK. I went out with a couple of friends yesterday lunch time and ended up having a few too many fizzy blackcurrants. Upon arriving back at my wife's friends house a decision was reached that we should dye my hair. Seemed like a bit of a laugh at the time and I agreed. My memory of the dyeing(?)...
  7. New signing later

    Today's Echo says that we are expecting to sign Stevie Hammell , a left-back from Motherwell, in time for him to join the rest of the squad prior to flying to Bermuda. He is a 24 year-old arriving on a free transfer , having represented Scotland at all levels including a senior appearance as...
  8. shrimper4life

    Trains to Swansea

    Just wondering what time train is everyone taking to swans? The one arriving at 12.46 or the one at 13.40? been debating with my mates what time to get as dont fancy getting the half 7 train from thorpe bay! And also what time train is everyone getting back? the 5.30 or 6.30?
  9. Kenny

    Bloody Kids!

    Don't know if it has been discussed on here before but just flicked onto BBC4 and caught footage in this film of fans streaming out of Roots Hall before one of them got stabbed. Cue the police car driving the injured boy past the east stand, past chalkwell park, along Southend seafront...
  10. Richard_Cadette

    Friday's Attendance

    Just rang up to order a couple of tickets for two friends for Friday nights game, and the whole of the East Stand has gone already, and the total sold is nearly upto 8,000... and its only Tuesday!!! Blimey, I preferred it when we had gates of 4,000!!! Oh, and they have...
  11. Graeme Jones to Retire!

    From Hamilton Website "Accies centre forward Graeme Jones has announced his intention to retire from the game at the end of the season. Jones (35) has only managed to start 11 games (scoring 4 goals) for Accies since arriving from Clyde last summer but has struggled with a succession of...
  12. Best Away trip

    My best away trip was Hartlepool away a few seasons ago when we dicked them 2-1 in the last minute. Took a sickey from work and flew to Newcastle for 22 quid and Rob Newman gave all 20 of us free tickets. After arriving in the Toon and getting plastered for 7 hours, we took cabs to Hartlepool...

    The 'legendary' shrimperstrust / shrimperzone pennant looks as if it has survived its most dangerous leg and is in the hands of Xabia shrimper. The South African and Spanish postal services appear in competition for 'Most Crap Postage service in the world" award, but thankfully...
  14. New apology from the Club

    SUFC wish to apologise for the in-excusable problems many customers faced getting into the ground on Saturday. We were taken by surprise by the large number of fans arriving so close to kick off. We are taking all possible steps to ensure this doesn't happen again and look forward to this...
  15. Scunthorpe last night

    Finally arriving in last night/early morning, the effort by the team cannot be faulted, however it did show me that how much we hustle and bustle throughout the game, we did not truely test the keeper, and that was the difference between the two sides. In the first half especially the first 15...
  16. Back from Bradford

    Wow! One word that seemed to sum up the night - from arriving in Bradford at 645pm to be greeted by the fantastic Valley Parade stadium, to the final whistle, realising we had pulled off a great result. I have read the guy from Bradford's report and I dont feel that is accurate (why...
  17. Kenny

    We went into the valleys and slayed the giants

    Wow, as the hangover has lifted it has finally sunk in that we bloody did it! Although I always followed the Blues fortunes since childhood I didn't really see many games, even when I started work at 17. I actually started to goto to every home game from the middle of 98/99 onwards so...
  18. Mr Wooly

    Macc Away

    With there being no trains arriving in London till 7.05 the next day (!), I'm seriously considering staying overnight after the Macc game, but I'm having a few problems in finding some suitable, cheap accommodation in Macclesfield. Anyone else staying overnight, and where are places...
  19. sufcintheprem

    Few points

    After arriving late to the game (again!) we missed the first five minutes but not, it seemed from the atmosphere, a great deal. The game was trudging along with a few half chances before Wayne Gray picked up a tidy crossed pass from Eastwood and superbly opened up space before lashing the...
  20. Stan feeling dog rough...

    Stan Collymore has sensationally quit The Farm after a four-letter tirade against Vanilla Ice. The former England striker shocked the fellow contestants when he dramatically walked out on the five reality show - claiming "I've had enough!"Farm vet Jon Huxley pleaded with him to...