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  1. Uncle Leo

    100 ball cricket

    I assume most cricket fans on here have seen these latest proposals from the ECB. Thoughts? https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/668162/ecb-presents-100-ball-domestic-game-for-men-and-women I'm all for thinking of new ways to get people in to cricket, but can't see that shaving 20 balls off an innings...
  2. RobM

    Found tablet

    On the way to the football Saturday, I found a tablet on the train. It's locked, so I can't access any contacts. All I can find is a friend request (on the lock screen) from a Kevin O'Flaherty to "Robbie" who I assume is the tablet owner. I want to return it, so if anyone can help, please...
  3. Shrimpersfan

    Home kit on club shop

    Just noticed on online club shop that the main sponsor (i'm right in thinking it's Martin Dawn, right?) Is missing and has been replaced by a # related to nut allergies. 1. WTF? 2. I assume if i buy a shirt that it won't have a big # across the front?
  4. Uncle Leo

    Ireland and Afghanistan now full ICC members

    Which means they have both been granted Test status. Good news. Best of luck to both of them, apart from when they are playing England! I assume Ireland's Test matches will be part of a 'British Isles Tour' whenever teams are coming over to play us. Would Afghanistan play at home, or in the...
  5. Does Uncle Ron know?

    Rumour has it that PB has thrown tantrums that have seen the back of several key players over 2 or 3 seasons, and that critical decisions about starting line-up and substitutions have sometimes not been dispassionate but rather a reflection on PB's relationship at the time with individual squad...
  6. I assume we'll be sending a bill to Millwall...

  7. New T20 Format

    What are people's thoughts on the new t20 league? 8 teams based on cities. I would assume our nearest one will probably play at Stratford (if allowed) I think it's a good idea although worried about the negative effect it will have on the county t20 league however the money they are talking...
  8. RHB

    Goal Keepers and us.

    We have Oxley and the Smiths, or Smith and Oxley, or Oxley and Smith, dependent on your preferences. None of them are up to the standards that we have come to expect with Daniel Bentley so whoever becomes the regular custodian of our goal is going to require a lot of patience from fans and...
  9. londonblue

    Excel Help

    I'm hoping we have some kind of excel expert on here that can help me out. Let's assume I have about 500 cars all that need radios installed. I know the dates the installs will happen (because this has been planned well in advance) and have a column in my data that creates the "week beginning"...
  10. Hi

    I am not sure that I merit a place in this community as I am no longer a “real” Southend United supporter. I started supporting Southend when my father took me to see Southend v Southampton in the old 3rd Division South. This would have been in the 1956/57 season My father had previously taken...
  11. Silencer

    Brian Horton's Contribution

    Has our form coincided with the arrival of Horton in and around the squad, it's known he is harsh and ruthless in an old skool Northern manner. Now I'm not blaming him but I am wondering what is his actual contribution and I assume he is paid a pretty penny along with handsome expenses whilst...
  12. londonblue

    Problems Posting

    I seem to have a problem posting. Every time I post something I then get a pop up box asking if I want to leave the page or cancel. This only started happening yesterday, but affects both my home PC and my work one. Normally I would assume it's a browser issue, but because it's happening in two...
  13. Cockney Urchins

    I have long advocated taking on reserves/kids from London clubs, usually a decent standard, no danger of homesickness and it didn't do us any harm with the likes of Powell, Collymore etc. Therefore it irks me a tad when the cream of West Ham's yoof are disappearing to outposts such as Bradford...
  14. Napster

    Great typo in Brown's interview

    at least I assume it's a typo... "In a relatively open game, Southend had several guilt-edged chances"
  15. OldBlueLady


    Now I know a few people on here play Word. It's a game similar to Scrabble for those not in the know. Every now and then, when I play on my phone, it flips into the kind of ad that you don't want, usually an "adclick" type of page. You can normally just press "back" and get out of it...
  16. manor15

    Next season - what do we need?

    The play-off push looks increasingly more like a distant dream, and our inconsistency has cost us. So, where do we need to strengthen most? Obviously it will depend on departures, but we can assume that Dan will be off and most of the others who are still at the club will be staying.
  17. Shrimper

    Mr Ping's Southchurch

    I was hoping to get some Chicken Chow Mein for lunch a fortnight ago but it appeared no Chinese's were open at lunch. However, I drove past Mr Ping's last week at lunch and it had OPEN on the door. Does anyone know if you can get things from there? I assume if you can it is collection only?
  18. RHB

    Does Hell give off heat or does it absorb it?

    "Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Support your answer with a proof." This was an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry midterm: Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and...
  19. Supa Shrimpa

    The positives of our supporters

    I thought the guys at the back of the North Stand (TBV, I assume) were absolutely fantastic yesterday. They had a wide variety of songs that was constant throughout the whole 90 mins. I was in E1 and the majority of the songs we could hear loud and clear, which enabled us to join in, and create...
  20. IloveShrimp

    Half Time Snack Shop South Stand

    What a joke at the snack shop at the South Stand today. Queue a mile long, ran out of hot chocolate, ran out of hot water and I saw one of the women chuck a bowl of what I can only assume was Luke warm tap water into the water heater and then continue to make drinks with it! Would not be...