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  1. ENGLAND..Where is all our enthusiasm for the world cup??

    I came over for the England v Nigeria game,expecting the country to be buzzing about the world cup,but nothing!! Wembley crowd was poor again,atmosphere i mean,great attendance...but the feeling was dead. i wanted to get ,mabe a official world cup t-shirt ..maybe with England onit or something...
  2. Floval Flyer

    TV Highlights Southend United 3 Scunthorpe United 2

    At last something to smile about :smile: http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/league-one/11225599/southend-3-2-scunthorpe Fantastic atmosphere at the Hall today ! Still buzzing!!
  3. Get Behind All the Players

    I have read various threads and posts regarding "get rid of this one" , "he is over the hill", "too old" or "not good enough" I feel it is time to get behind ALL the players from now on and raise the mood ----- let our new bossman decide who stays and who goes. I am sure if we support all the...
  4. Southend United vs Champions League TV

    Sorry to post such a trivial item, but can someone explain to me why when we had a free Tuesday last week, is there full program of Div 1 games that clash with Champions league nights. Obviously this had an adverse affect of last nights crowd being only 5,800. This is not a one off either ...
  5. Roots Hall 27th in Best Atmosphere Table.

    Pretty good effort 27th out of the 92.... https://www.the92.net/stats/overall/atmosphere#.WTVrtGjyvcs
  6. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Need an Essex Play-Off Fix?

    OK, so we didn't quite get there. But it seems too soon for the season to end. So, what to do? There is an antidote to anyone still with live footie needs in an Essex play-off situation (and I certainly don't mean Cole Ewe if they somehow manage it) Your medicine can be taken at Chelmsford...
  7. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Your Help Required Please On Sunday To Create A Real Retro Moment

    I have mentioned before that our 1980-82 striking duo Derek Spence and Keith Mercer are coming along to Roots Hall on Sunday. They should be introduced to the crowd about 10 mins or so before kick-off, and yep I've asked if they can walk right out to the centre circle to wave hello to all...
  8. Pubs for Charlton

    I know it's a little premature but it's a game I've been looking forward to for ages, where is everyone going to have a drink before the game? With it being an easy ground for us shrimpers to get to I'm expecting quite a few down there be good to find a pub with an atmosphere before game
  9. Tommy2holes

    The atmosphere at roots hall

    Sometimes good and sometime not so good, but yesterday second half it was terrific. Even before ranger scored the crowd noise was increasing. By the time cox scores the winner it's reached rediculous. The West yesterday was as loud as it's been since col u last season season. Not sure what...
  10. Positives for the Shrimpers

    gashead in peace. been to Roots Hall a few times and have nothing bad to say about you, except we rarely get much from you and I endured the coldest match ever there (made the mistake of 'making a day of it' in Southend on a january evening match many years ago!!). I've had a read of the forum...
  11. If any supporter knows....

    If any fan knows who the ****** was who let off a blue smoke bomb on the platform of the Jubilee line at London Bridge UNDERGROUND (put in brackets in case the moron didn't know where he was) station on Saturday, please can they return him to his carers? As somebody who suffers from asthma, it...
  12. Tommy2holes

    Atmosphere at the hall

    A few months ago the atmosphere at he hall was toxic. PB had practically applied for the Bolton job on live TV. Results and the body language of the players was that of a lost dressing room. Skip forward a few months we are playing the kind of football that is a feast for the eyes. Crowds are...
  13. What's Phil Brown like?

    Well he's quite a character as you will see from these two video's a while back that are entertaining and well worth watching. O.K. some of the players have changed, and I'm not going to even go there about the new stadium bit in the first video, it's been done to death. He's certainly a natural...
  14. Rattus Norvegicus

    Pre-Match Thread Southend v Shrewsbury

    Kick off at 3:00 p.m. Time to welcome back (or not for some) Gary Deegan to Roots Hall. Shrewsbury are bottom of the league and have just appointed Paul Hurst as their manager - Hurst has achieved promotion with Grimsby and they are currently 8th in Division 4 - so presumably Hurst thinks that...
  15. GJShrimper

    Question Atmosphere

    Since the loss of the north bank and the change around in the west. I fully understand we're not doing very well this season but why is there no atmosphere? All I hear in the east blacks is people chatting. Even if we ain't got anything to cheer for, there's more atmosphere in a local Sunday...
  16. Tommy2holes

    The next 3 games

    The next 3 games are huge for the team the fans and above all the management. Bolton away Scunny away Millwall at home. I personally can't see us getting any points against those 3 sides on present form. Lose Saturday and I doubt much will be said lose the following Saturday and it will be a...
  17. Mooney...

    So, today as Mooney was coming on the pitch - there was a real hostile atmosphere aimed towards him. We wonder why players don't perform... I think this could be a blatantly obvious reason. Feel free to slag individual players off on SZ where they can't necessarily see it, but don't attack the...
  18. Spaceman Spiff

    Brown Out / Replacement / Moan about Manager Super-Thread

    Who should replace him?
  19. Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Gillingham

    I'll start it off.2-1 blues.mooney & lenny.attendance 8, 317. 1, 268 gills fans:thumbsup:
  20. Hello.....

    Hi everyone, I had to come up with a username so couldn't resist MrsTwistandShout due to the fantastic away crowd singing this song and doing a conga around Bury's stadium, which I had the pleasure to be part of for the final game of the season...The atmosphere and mood of the away support was...