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  1. Bradley Lowery RIP

    Very sad news. It's been incredible how his story has become so public. I hope that some good things can come from this in terms of research, health funding and awareness of these terrible paediatric cancers. RIP Bradley.
  2. Free Parking At Fossetts Farm

    I thought i would post this Echo article here for now to raise awareness, but if the mods could move it to the relevent thread in the near future please. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/14176510.Free_parking_at_Fossetts_Farm_may_harm_Southend_High_Street_say_traders/
  3. C C Csiders

    Col Ewe v Southend: raising your awareness

    If you are to attend the above match just off the A12 on Boxing Day please be aware that Channel 4 are taking their default position by auditioning for the next series of The Undateables at the stadium on that day.
  4. RHB

    Dave has the hump with his local council!

    This made me smile on the BBC news this morning. PM leaning on local Tories?, naughty boy! David Cameron is involved in a row with the Conservative leader of his local county council over cuts to services. The PM has written to Oxfordshire council leader Ian Hudspeth saying he is "disappointed"...
  5. March for Mitch

    Hi all, My name is Simon, and along with 10 other Stevenage FC fans, we are going to partake in a trek from Oxford to Stevenage raising money for The Cardiomyopathy Association (CMA) in memory of Mitchell Cole “March for Mitch”. The idea is to have 11 participants each representing one of the 11...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Engaging with the club's supporters

    Interesting article here from Supporters Direct on fan engagement, we've brought in the idea of "buying" the opportunity to lead the teams out this season, but what other ideas could we suggest for Roots Hall? You’ll have heard a lot this season on the disconnect between supporters and clubs...
  7. CC51DAS

    Breaking News Ronnie Martini wins prestigous Football League Chairman of the Month award for March

    Well this is a turn-up ! Ron must have has beaten some tough competition. He seems pleased - apparently award to be presented at Wembley. Chairman Ronnie has issued a Statement and as I can't get the link to work I have posted it on here: "Club Statement" Some decisions in Life are...
  8. Ride to the Amsterdam and help save men’s lives with Prostate Cancer UK

    Many clubs are joining The Football League London to Amsterdam Challenge in support of Prostate Cancer UK. Fans, players and club officials from across The Football League will take to the saddle for a unique two day "Total Football" themed, 155 mile challenge for the 250,000 men living with...
  9. southend4ever

    It's with a Heavy Heart...

    That I ask you please to show your generosity and kindness please to 'Save Gee Gee'. http://www.gofundme.com/Gee-Gee-Fund#description Some things in life put others into perspective. On Monday I found out that my ex-university lecturer and now good friend's daughter aged just 9 has been...
  10. fbm

    Been flashed by a speed camera?

    Forget the fine and points... the biggest deterrent must be to not have to attend a speed awareness course. Read about my experience here http://sowhogetscustodyofthenectarpoints.blogspot.co.uk/
  11. Smiffy

    Breaking News Southend fan produces music track for charity

    A Basildon born dance music producer and lifelong Southend United fan has taken the time out of his schedule to record the track “On To Victory”. The track has been described as the ideal ‘pre kick off anthem’ and has been self funded and recorded especially for his...
  12. Can a footballer learn to control anger?

    Or for that matter can any human being learn to control anger? Well the simple answer is yes we can learn to control anger. But in general anger cannot be managed simply by someone trying harder next time to avoid getting angry (as some seem to think). I have never heard of footballers...
  13. Ticket Office Chaos vs Port Vale threads

    Never mind the rubbish I watched for 80 minutes - anybody here victim of the inept ticket office? Arrived in the queue at 2.20 - got a 'ticket' at 3.10, thus missing the first Port Vale goal. And the reason, I hear you ask? They'd run out of paper to print tickets - and this after the third home...
  14. Southend_Lady

    Sponsership needed - 10k run - The Rarer Cancers Foundation

    Hello all I am running the British London 10k on July 11th along with my boyfriend, dad and a few people from his work to raise money for The Rarer Cancers Foundation. A small bit of what the charity is about: "People with rarer cancers often feel isolated and find it difficult to get accurate...
  15. Speed Awareness Course

    is it as boring as it sounds? 4hr lecture on why speed cameras are a money making scam and don't improve traffic safety speed is bad, mkay?
  16. Cricko

    England 1-1 USA

    Ok time for your reports and ratings. I thought is was a very lacklustre performance by England first game or not..To me far to many people thought the ball was a hot potato and did not want it enough. At times even at throw ins players did not move or show any interest in wanting the ball. It...
  17. The Flying Scotsman

    London Marathon this Sunday

    All I am running the London marathon this coming sunday to raise money and awareness for the ‘Angelina Our Star Appeal’. A lot of you may remember that in May of last year we at ShrimperZone FC organised a "Sunrise to Sunset" Charity Football Match which raised an astonishing £9k for the...
  18. Slipperduke

    West Ham. Not Good.

    WEST HAM ARE DOOMED After the excitement and drama of the weekend, here was the comedown. Manchester City against Manchester United was a tense, gritty battle of attrition. Tottenham against Chelsea was an explosive clash, packed with action. This was like watching a game of chicken between a...
  19. Richard_Cadette

    Tilly the Tactician

    Right, so in recent season, actually, since Tilly took charge, he has labelled against him his ability to employ the right tactics during a game, and has often been described as reactive as opposed to proactive. Well, I'd just like to maybe redress the balance a little bit here - Now the dust...
  20. Pak Power

    Malone AND Herd

    Crossed my mind last night that the thought of playing both Malone (at left back) and johnny herd on the left side of midfield when his injury permits wouldn't be a bad idea. Moussa was woeful last night, and IMHO I thought Malone had no cover in front of him, and was exposed too often. Moussa...