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  1. Players contracts

    This is a general football post. It really annoys me when players try to dishonor/ force an issue with their contracts by stating they will not play for their clubs (example Berahino, Sterling). Of course if they can earn loads more money etc they will most probably want to go, but if the...
  2. bluesbloke

    ***urgent information required ref roots hall car park***

    my dad was taken ill at the final whistle at today's game and was then taken to hospital by ambulance. i tagged along in the ambulance which meant my car was left in the stadium car park. fortunately, my dad is stable and recovering in hospital but unfortunately, when i left the hospital at 9pm...
  3. southend4ever

    Advice Please

    I view a house. I like it. The landlord is lovely. Another couple view the house. They like it. The rent is organised through a management agency/company. Both couples go to the office to sign the contracts. The landlord decides who gets the contract. Landlord chooses me. Great. Rent for 1...
  4. FarmdogSUFC

    Safe Standing Campaign

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19095689 Just seen this. Think this would be great but would be awkward for us to do so with North Bank being both a home and an away end. What would peoples vote be on this.

    Ex Shrimpers Challenge .. Letter K

    Harold Bishop Killer appears to have forgotten he asked to join in this comp and so we're left in a bit of an awkward situ, anyone care to step in and take over ?? There'll be plenty of help in Robins site .. http://www.sufcdb.co.uk/index.php Anyway i'll kick off with Keith Mercer up front...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Broadband advice

    Guys Finally, just 9 days left until I can say my divorce is completely over. Unfortunately, in a last bit of spite, as himself is moving out of the family home, he has contacted all the utility companies and suppliers to cancel all the accounts payable by direct debit under his bank account...
  7. chadded

    Awkward gift situation

    Got back to Germany this afternoon, and my housemate presents me with a Christmas Present, in the shape of a new set of headphones. I'm quite chuffed, as these might not be expensive, but they're decent JVC ones, and he's put some thought into it. I did say to him before he gave them to me...
  8. Shrimper_Wez

    I'm sorry Mr Martin

    I was going to post this on the tread about the AGM, asking if anyone going along wanted to say a quick sorry to RM from me. Instead I have just decided to mentioned a slightly embarrasing encounter I had with Mr (and I think Mrs) Martin at the weekend. I was having breakfast in a cafe in...
  9. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-1 Stockport County

    What a game!!! This is my first post... Listening to 'Player,' for my first live game after 15 years of being a Southend supporter... I am sitting in Newman a mining town in Western Australia... Despite the controversy, loving every bit of it... including that I am now receiving of air BBC Essex...
  10. Slipperduke

    West Ham Fans Fall Short

    Having successfully unjinxed Nicklas Bendtner last week by lampooning his form in front of goal, I wanted to use this week's column to state, quite categorically, that there is not a force on earth that can save Southend United from relegation and financial oblivion. Got that? Hopeless cause. Ha...
  11. Thorpe Groyney

    Local Results Round-Up For 2 March

    In the Ryman Premier, it was heartbreak for Billericay Town, beaten 1-0 by a late late goal at Maidstone United to slip back into the relegation zone. Massive result in Ryman One North. Second placed Concord Rangers shocked leaders Lowestoft Town with a 5-0 hammering. East Thurrock United got...
  12. Slipperduke

    No Blind Spot, Wenger's Just Too Loyal

    Much will be written in the coming days about Arsene Wenger and his perceived ‘blind spot’ for goalkeepers. It is the death knell for thousands of trees, all doomed to slaughter just so that we can be told that one of the finest managers in the history of the Premier League cannot even recognise...
  13. Slipperduke

    Natalie Sawyer

    I don't know if anyone is watching Sky Sports News right now, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate. I swear that Natalie Sawyer used to be a skinny wee slip of a girl, all cheekbones and youthful awkwardness. She's changed. She's...erm....blossomed. That's no girl. That's a...
  14. Napster

    New links

    One championing local news http://thenetherregions.co.uk/ and one for awkward stock photos http://awkwardstockphotos.com/ No, I don't know why anyone would need some of those photos.
  15. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 8 Season 1931-32

    This Episode was printed in the Southend v Gillingham programme. Extracts from "The Forgotten Years of the Kursaal" by Peter William Baker No. 8 THE UNBEATEN RUN JUST KEEPS ON GOING Southend the only unbeaten club in the Football League having won eight and drawn five of their thirteen...
  16. England's Second String Made to Swelter.

    A second string England team fell to a single moment of brilliance in Doha, in an otherwise completely forgettable international friendly. As has become a familiar case for the meaningless friendlies outside of qualification matters, the England side consisted of Wayne Rooney, Gareth Barry...
  17. southend4ever

    Awkward moments at work

    Being aroused at work... Has this happened to you? So there we are sitting at the desk drifting after lunch on a cold winter's day as I normally do and I start thinking of smashing 7 shades out of Jennifer Lopez. I naturally get barred up and excited with a little smirk rising and a bulge in...
  18. Travelodge activities

    quality story from b3ta.com: Thinking about it, a hundred-or-so people have seen my c*ck over the years. And some of them - a pitifully small percentage of those people – actually wanted to see my throbbing cervix scratcher; whereas the others sort of had it thrust upon them... On the...
  19. MrB

    Awkward Facebook 'Likes'


    Domestic Structure from 2010

    Here is the agreed structure .. my thoughts are in red The Domestic Structure, in accordance with ECB Articles, is subject to consultation with First Class Counties. The First Class Counties voted 13-5 to adopt the following domestic structure : •LV = County Championship has been given...