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  1. Get Behind All the Players

    I have read various threads and posts regarding "get rid of this one" , "he is over the hill", "too old" or "not good enough" I feel it is time to get behind ALL the players from now on and raise the mood ----- let our new bossman decide who stays and who goes. I am sure if we support all the...
  2. Guess the team v Rochdale. Warning.....Very hard.

    So, who's up for the challenge? What is the team that Phil Brown will pick v Rochdale. This will probably be the hardest to predict all season. Top marks to anyone that gets it bang on, or even one away. My guess is: OXLEY ELVIS LENNY KYPRIANOU HENDRIE McGLASHAN TIMLIN KIGHTLY McLAUGHLIN COX FORTUNE
  3. Who are ya.

    A while back dear old sonic stated in a post that he was just like Sheldon from The big bang theroywhich got me thinking as to which tv character i would liken myself to and after weeks of soul searching i have come up with my answer. I think i am like Raymond from EVERYBODY LOVES...
  4. Silencer

    Managers stoc

    Managers stock... I've had my personal opinion of Phil Brown a long time before we nicked our amazing promotion!!! Bottom line - how long can and will he last before he is shown the door like he (in my opinion) should have been shown regardless of our luck - very lucky play off experience...
  5. Euro v GBP

    Can I ask those in the know - I've got to pay the balance of my holiday villa and they want the payment in Euro's...now the £ to € rate I believe is very good at the moment....but how do the money men of SZ think it's going to go, especially with the Greece thing going on. Should I cough up...
  6. Rootshallbloke

    What a difference a day makes!

    This morning the mood on here was pretty mellow with a lot of people still under the Wembley spell. Transfer discussions going on, Last player standing voting , New kit, the normal stuff for close season, and then BANG, BBBC departs and it all changes. It's amazing how the mood can go from laid...
  7. Ricey

    General Boxing Thread

    To save filling up the fight of the year thread with off topic stuff I thought I would start this. Interesting GBJ your views on AJ, I thought from what I've seen albeit he has had some pretty easy fighters but he looks the business and will go onto be one of the best heavyweights in the world...
  8. Rootshallbloke

    How safe do you feel in London?

    In light of the latest events in Paris it made me think back to the 70s when I was working in the West End and the IRA boyos were letting rip. They were pretty hairy times and you never knew when the next big bang would go off. How safe do you people that still work in London feel after today...
  9. * ORM *

    The King has gone, long live the King

    Time to get over Freddy methinks and focus on Barmard. He can score goals. He has an entire pre-season to bang them in and get his confidence back. I'm stating now Barnard and Corr to get 30 goals between them next season. Don't care which way around but these two are going to spearhead our...
  10. OldBlueLady

    Michael Adebolaja appeal - why?

    I just don't get it. Why is this man being allowed the appeal here? Bang to rights, video evidence, admitted his part and yet the Human Rights bleeding hearts lot say he's entitled to an appeal. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25961430 FFS, why??? The most senior judge in the land should just...
  11. steveo

    Energy Suppliers

    My latest bill shows after a year I have 14.62 outstanding which to me means my monthly payments have been fairly accurate. Unless their prices are due to increase by about 9%, it would be common sense to me, that they increase my payment by 2 or 3 quid a month and it will be pretty bang on...
  12. Finish with a whimper or a BANG!

    ? What is it to be for the final stretch of the season? We can't win anything by playing safe: so now lets try and get some goals and entertain. We have 4 very good (for this division) strikers and we may as well have them all on the pitch together. We may concede a few (we are anyway) BUT we...
  13. Shrimperstrust

    Under 18's Match Report Youth Team Back With A Bang At Aldershot - 9th February 2013

    Southend United’s first competitive Under-18s match for ten weeks ended in hard-fought 2-1 victory at Aldershot Town as Jack Payne and Josh Banton scored the crucial goals either side of the half-time interval. Rob Craven's match report can be found by clicking here.
  14. southchurch

    Dislike of Bradford

    I have been flicking through the Bradford board to see if they are still enjoying the fantastic win over Arsenal. However I have taken a bit of dislike to them and now want to beat them Saturday even more. I felt pleased that a club in our division had knocked out a prem team but they have let...
  15. South Bank Hank

    How will the story end...?

    There's a distinct lack of threads at the moment, likely due to our good fortune. That's not a criticism, there just always seems to be less to debate when things are running smoothly on the pitch... So how do we think the season is going to pan out from here? Our goalkeeper has had some...
  16. Benfleet A1

    Labour The Milliband Speech

    Trying to play the class card again. Almost nothing on what he will do for the economy and even nicked the 'One Nation' slogan from Disraeli, a Conservative Prime Minister. Loved all his bluster about the forgotten 50% who dont go to university which is going to blow up in his face on wednesday...
  17. * ORM *

    Spectacular days out!

    A bit of self-promotion but I'm looking for other stories as well. My day has involved conquering my mortal fear of heights by doing the Skywalk at Macao Tower (google it). Started off badly when the daft bint I went with decided to tell me just when we'd handed over ferry tickets that she'd...
  18. TrueBlue

    TrueBlue Rally Cry - Accrington

    You know the score people The TrueBlue has been moody this week with all the club goings on but tomorrow once again we take to the field of battle in search of glory! I call on each and every one of you tomorrow to do your bit in whatever way you can to push the lads on and gain victory and...
  19. TrueBlue

    What annoys me

    Top off bang the drum all that effort for what? NOTHING and yes I am drunk! **** SAKE COME ON SOUTHEND
  20. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Freddy Eastwood

    With Freddy there's only one place to start: has there ever been a better debut? I very much doubt it, and I include fiction in that. Scoring after just 7.7 seconds of your professional debut against the top of the table team before going onto complete your hattrick is the type of story that...