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  1. ryansm05

    Phil Brown and Southend on Barclays Premier League World

    At the end of 'Barclays Premier League World' on Sky, there's a 5 minute piece on Phil Brown & Southend/Hull. He mentions "a promise of the new stadium and investment" was all in place for him before arriving, and, "firm backing from RM". Wonder if he still genuinely believes that? Anyway...
  2. TrueBlue

    Question Joint bank account

    Right it looks like me and the other half are going to be together for a long long time and we want a joint bank account where we can transfer money into the 'pot' pay bills etc also want to link a savings account to it so we can both save each month just need to know what bank to go with?? My...
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    "The unacceptable face of capitalism"

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/sep/07/barclays-appointment-banks-breakup-threat A diamond in the rough or a blood diamond? :)

    I can understand there is a reluctance on some peoples part, to protest at the club. But the time is now, think back to the united for southend/true blues protest. I remember the graffiti outside barclays opposite wh smiths in the high street. JOBSON OUT In huge letters, also there was pitch...
  5. Blackpool Must Remain Frugal While Aboard the Gravy Train

    The moment that the seasoned Brett Ormerod poked home Blackpool’s winner against Cardiff City in the 43rd minute will no doubt go down in the history of the club and town, but it stands to reason that the club now has an important decision to make in its history. Ian Holloway, the charismatic...
  6. Coleman Cast Into the Championship Graveyard.

    Another season in the Premier League graveyard grinds to a halt and Chris Coleman departs Coventry, charged with the heinous crime of failing to take them aboard the Barclays gravy train. Who’d be a manager in the Championship, eh? Such is the stature of the second tier of English football in...
  7. shaneyshrimper

    West Stand and Cashless Card

    Can you believe it. We can only use the payment cards tonight as the west stand concessions are not accepting cash tonight for food and drink!!! http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2022937,00.html What a joke. I have a cashless payment card from Barclays, but no I cant use...
  8. Slipperduke

    Not Impressed With Barclays

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express my despair at the level of customer service in your Kentish Town branch. My wife and I, both Barclays account holders individually, have been attempting to open a joint account but, despite two trips to the branch, we have been unsuccessful. My wife is...
  9. Tiger Toils While the Underdog Boils

    Two weeks after Tiger Woods' misery at Hazeltine, He was rocked again at The Barclays by the most unlikely of contenders, 124 Seed Heath Slocum. Sergio Garcia took an early lead after the first round, yet characteristically threw it all away by shooting a 75 the very next day. After this, the...
  10. The Flying Scotsman

    Barclays Premier League - Fantasy Football

    Join this league if anyone fancies it: 1353104-253434
  11. DTS

    Question Work Experience.

    Where did you go and what did you do? I went to Barclays Bank aged 14 for three weeks I think - maybe two. Basically really enjoyed it. On my first day there my first job was to go round the perimiterer of the branch and pull out all the weeds from the foundations of the branch which really...
  12. steveo

    3rd footy comp

    Previous winners Lndsftso and Kent Shrimper OK chaps and ladies, pick a team. If your pick wins you stay in if you lose you are out. If you win, you cant pick the same team for the ret of the competition. If you dont pick you get the first eligible team on the list - bring it: Barclays Premier...
  13. DTS

    Work Experience.

    We have agreed to take a young girl on work experience in April. Got to say not overly keen on it as you normally end up telling some ****ty kid about your job while they sit there staring into space for two weeks. What was your work experience? I did three weeks ar Barclays Bank. Nothing...
  14. Leeboy


    I've already sold 9 copies of this programme to various clients, I'm with Barclays and they are always calling to sell me something, so it didn't really come as a surprise to me. So was just wondering if anybody else saw it, is bothered about it or doesn't give two hoots?
  15. Smiffy

    Reclaiming Bank Charges.....

    Has anyone read the articles in the tabloids, and thinking of reclaiming the charges placed on their accounts for unpaid direct debits, unauthorised overdrafts etc etc??.. I am currently in the process of claiming back a substantial amount from Barclays myself, and know of several people who...
  16. Crazy new turnstiles

    ENGLAND: Southend United Goes High-Tech With SkiData Southend United has installed a new integrated ticketing, access control and customer relationship management (CRM) system from APT SkiData at its Roots Hall stadium. The Coca-Cola (sponsor) League One club said that the new solution...
  17. Kent Shrimper

    Tes Snubs Fans

    Just read this on SOL, He is a first class barclays banker Tes Snubs Fans
  18. Kent Shrimper

    Tes Snubs Fans

    Just read this on SOL, He is a first class barclays banker Tes Snubs Fans
  19. Frank Lampard

    My estimation of this chap has risen somewhat considerably: From The Times Family struck by tragedy pay warm tribute to Lampard By Peter Lansley FRANK LAMPARD has won many awards this season and as he attends to the toe injury that has precluded his participation in England’s tour to the...
  20. Transfer Window for the Football League

    The Football League has accepted defeat in its efforts to stop FIFA applying its transfer window restrictions across the board. They will join Premier$hite clubs in operating under the constraints from this summer onwards. Football League director of operations Andy Williamson...