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  1. Question Sturrock or who????

    So, loads of you are calling for Sturrocks head, but, seriously, who would you want to see come in and take over? We have no war chest, the players get paid late so motivating is a constant problem, Barker admits the boys are worried about off field issues, they have families & mortgages too &...
  2. Its not just injuries, suspensions...

    ...and Sturrock's "Tic-Tacs" that has F**ked Southend this year, but also the decision to not have any reserve team football. This year has proved, IMO, how important reserve team football is. Keeping "fringe" players, players out suspended, and players coming back from injury, vital match time...
  3. Hard times ahead!

    I have a bad feeling on what will happen should Southend not get promoted this season.I can see PS either retiring or being asked to vacate his position.Also we will lose Tam,Reeves,Lund and Assombolonga,none will sign for us,Tam and Reeves to Div1 clubs i suspect ,Lund to Bristol Rovers where...
  4. amsemp

    Who should we be looking to sign in the summer?

    Obviously apart from Ronaldo, Messi, Joe Hart & Pique, what type of players should we be looking to bring in come the summer? Personally I think we need another centre back to play with Cresswell, a holding midfielder in the Grant mould to tidy up, a creative winger to fill the Ryan Hall shaped...
  5. RobM

    Saturdays performance

    All considered, I didn't think it was too bad. A new central pairing of Mohsni and Makandiwire (sorry if I got his name wrong!) - hastily put together, nobody to blame as Phillips, Barker, Cresswell, Prosser (arguably 3 first choices) not available. We have played 10 in the defence so far this...
  6. danburyshrimper

    Home + away ... Different managers ?

    First off , I like Paul Sturrock , admire greatly what he has achieved & his managerial skills away from home are absolutley second to none. His style of filling midfield, keeping it tight + hitting teams on the break works perfectly away. However its becoming painfully clear when we are at...
  7. Scott walks the 92

    Good on you Scott for what you are doing for charity .But in the main site photo shoot it is great to see Tomlin Philips Barker and mkandewire all in there kit looking like they are all ready for training .And I believe laird is in there as well .Lets hope they are all close to being ready to...
  8. Cricko

    Official Match Thread Barnet V Southend United

    Blues XI to face Barnet: Smith; Clohessy, Cresswell, Prosser, Straker; Hurst, Lund, Spillane, Reeves; Assombalonga, Corr. Subs: Bentley; Eastwood, Harris, Spicer, Woodyard, Leonard, Mayor.
  9. Straker

    Thought he had a really good game when he came on today. Makes me wonder why he didn't start over Barker at left back anyway.
  10. amsemp

    Player ratings so far - Last man standing

    I know this has been done before a little while ago. Each player below starts on 10 points and each new poster adds 1 point and minuses 1 point from a player, giving a reason why on each. Once the players rating gets to 0 they are eliminated. The winner is the last man standing! Paul Smith - 10...
  11. IloveShrimp

    Were were fortunate really!

    After the fantastic night that was Wednesday, I have to say that Luggy really got away with it imo. Both goals against us were down to two defenders who in my opinion at least one should not have been playing Barker and Phillips, also when Orient hit the bar it was down to Barkers defensive...
  12. Official Match Thread Southend United vs Leyton Orient - JPT 2nd Leg

    Southend United ‏@SUFCRootsHall Blues XI: Smith; Clohessy, Phillips, Prosser, Barker; Hurst, Lund, Woodyard, Leonard; Reeves, Assombalonga.
  13. danburyshrimper

    Songs for tonight

    Rather than just banging out "We Hate Orient" all evening, lets get behind our players for the whole night... We havent got any songs for some of our players... There must be loads of footy songs we can jiggle about + b'stardise them into becoming a song for a Southend player ( similar to the...
  14. shrimperjon

    How quickly things change!!

    This time last week, we were all basking in the glory of a fabulous night away at Orient, dreaming of Wembley. Yet, 7 days on and the club finds itself in a desperate situation on and off the field. At the end of the transfer window i can remember thinking that PS had done good business and the...
  15. danburyshrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Cheltenham

    Assuming the weather doesnt intervene + assuming we are missing Barker,Phillips,Leonard,Timlin,Tomlin,Eastwood,Cresswell + now Njie + Benyon ..... we might have to start with this line up ? ................................SMITH...
  16. Luke prosser

    Suspension to Cresswell ( who has been immense this season ) and the injuries to Phillips and Barker will obviously hit us for however long the three of them are out , but can I just say that I'm glad that Luke Prosser was back in the team on Saturday. I think he has really played well for the...
  17. Official Match Thread Accrington vs Southend United

    Waiting to Kick Off
  18. Shrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Southend v Plymouth

    We have to put the loss against Brentford behind us now and look forward to the game against Plymouth on Saturday. It's a huge game as we really need to stop the rot and get 3 points on the table to keep us in the top lot and stop us slipping out of touch into the chasing pack group. We have a...
  19. Silencer

    Luke Prosser, did he deserve to be dropped?

    Just a question to see what others think, I know the midfield is not protecting the side at the moment, but I wonder whether Prosser being out of the side has also made us look weaker at the back. Don't get me wrong, if we was starting a season fresh and I was picking my best team on paper...
  20. Greenelk

    Official Match Thread Exeter vs. Southend

    Southend - Smith, Barker, Phillips, Cresswell, Clohessy, Woodyard, Hurst, Laird, Timlin, Corr, Tomlin Subs - Bentley, Straker, Prosser, Leonard, Martin, Harris, Benyon Exeter - Krysiak, Woodman, Coles, Baldwin, Bennet, Tully, Davies, Kaohane, Oakley, Gow, O'Flynn