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  1. Ricey

    Ben Affleck as Batman

    Thoughts? Ben Affleck will star as batman for the Batman vs Superman film.
  2. PS3 Broken!

    So basically I've had my ps3 a good 3 years or so now. It's not used very often, but I decided to play some Walking Dead and Batman. However, halfway through my Batman game the ps3 decided to die. Now I can't turn it on (The red light just blinks and makes 3 beeps). Very frustrating as I...
  3. blues_r_best

    Sleeping Dogs

    Anyone else playing this game? It's a blend of Infernal Affairs and GTA with the combat from Batman/Assassins Creed, set in Hong Kong. So good.
  4. The Dark Knight Returns

    Despite the fact that it is two years away, i'm really looking forward to the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is rumoured to be called "The Dark Knight Returns" So far the idea is Batman will come up against The Riddler who is rumoured to be played by Johnny Depp. But other rumours are certain...
  5. Best Batman?

    Hhhmmm, another puzzler... So who played the Batman role the best? Personally i think Michael Keaton
  6. Best Joker? Jack Nicholson/ Heath Ledger

    Now i'm watching Batman (1989 Michael Keaton version) I like Jack Nicholson as Joker, but i'm not convinced his Joker was better than Heath Ledger. I've always liked JN's role and i think he really did play the character spot on, but Heath Ledger was ****ing unbelieveable!! So once again, i...
  7. sufcintheprem

    Pubey's alter ego?

    Could it be?
  8. Napster

    Nice tip

    Go into a comic shop tomorrow and buy a copy of Batman for two quid. Then, in two weeks, sell it on eBay for a tenner. Buy as many as you feel the need. They're killing off Bruce Wayne, you see. Copied from Popbitch..
  9. JoshC


    Just got back, what a film! film of the year?
  10. Southend_Lady

    Orange Wednesday - Cinema

    Going to see the new Batman film next week and wanted to go on Wednesday to take advantage of the good old Orange Wednesday promotion. I know you have to get the code on your phone and all that business, but was just wondering if anyone knows whether you can book in advance with it? Or do you...
  11. Ayrshire Blue

    The Dark Knight

    Anyone else thinking of going to see this ? I'm not a massive fan of Batman but i this does look like a film I'd enjoy
  12. number11

    Who is the best movie character?

    Seems like I was not the only one watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade yesterday (so who was watching Brokeback Mountain then.....). During the film I stated to the missus that Indy is probably the coolest movie role and if I could actually be any film character it would be him. Other...
  13. seany t

    Film of the summer: Indy vs Batman

    So what do people reckon? I think the big hit of the summer will be one of these two what with Iron Man & Speed Racer already out and Potter 6 / Bond not now out until Autumn / Winter. Here is the last trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull before it hits the screens in...
  14. OldBlueLady

    A Quiz for Thursday (rather than the Thursday Quiz!)

    Right, same rules as last week, open to all and Hils, if you do have one planned please accept my apologies for putting this one up: 1. In what year did Einstein formulate the theory of Relativity? 2. From which country does the mazurka originate? 3. Which former SUFC player was born in...
  15. Andy_Shrimp

    Actors Name

    that was in Batman (1st one I think) and Bettlejuice For the life of me I can't remember his name and was speaking to someone about it earlier, its now starting to bug me Any help appreciated Cheers Andy
  16. Napster

    Top 50 film endings

    Thoughts? 50. The Blair Witch Project (1999) - The movie isn't particularly scary... at least until the last two minutes, which take the tension level from 10 to 100 at an exponential pace. The final seconds -- wherein a member of the cast is spotted, back turned and facing a corner, as an...
  17. Andy_S

    Great Homer Simpson lines

    Found these elsewhere and I thought some us might be in need of a laugh. Homer: 'Ah, God , my favourite fictional character Homer: Where's the Duff, Marge? Marge: We're all out, Homer. Would you like a fruit juice? Homer: Don't toy with me woman! Homer : Well, he's...
  18. sufcintheprem

    A few xcomments from last night

    First and foremost, we've proved now that there is only one team in Essex. Three games, twice away and we've come out with the winning result on each occasion. As for the rest, I've got so much to say but I'll try to be succinct (not my greatest asset, admittedly) The game...
  19. canada shrimper

    who are ya?who are ya?

    I was just a little curious to find out who dressed up on saturday and what did you go as?I heard about batman and robin,pink panther and bernie clifton on blues world.So come on all you fancy dressed folks identify yourselves.