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  1. Jermaine McGlashon - Signed boots

    Dear all, we are Cardiff City fans and my son has won a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor boots signed by Jermaine McGlashon. He was very excited to win them but sadly they are too small for him. They are great boots so we wondered rather than them sitting in his bedroom whether any Shrimpers fan...
  2. davewebbsbrain

    Indoor Digital Aerial

    I am going to get my son a TV for his bedroom for xmas and was going to buy an Indoor Aerial. I have checked for the local digital Transmitters but it doesn't look like any are very close, Crystal Palace seems to be closest. Does anyone use an Indoor Aerial at all and if so do you get any...
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    Tories take a hit on the bedroom tax

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-29075300 Might this spell the end of the coalition?
  4. blues player

    Has any one else had problems trying to pay for blues player I have been trying to pay for it since last nights game without any luck .In the end I had to use a radio in our bedroom that is set up for the south of essex . I have tryed to email blues world and even that has proved fruitless . Is...
  5. TrueBlue

    Question Property to rent

    Looking for a studio/1 or 2 bedroom property to rent preferably in Rayleigh budget is 650 PCM Been on right move but if anybody knows anything private etc.. Let me know
  6. Windows (not the Micorosft kind) help

    All, The windows in my bedroom get very steamy (ooer!) due to condensation, and due to this the rubber seals around the double glazing have gone black with mould. Now can I replace them myself or does this have to be a pro-job? If I can do it myself, what is the rubber stuff - is it similar to...
  7. DIY question

    Doing up a bedroom in our house. The chimney breast from the dining room comes up through this room. There are two sockets on the chimney breast, attached outside the wall using mounting boxes like this... We're getting the walls skimmed and so I thought I could set the sockets into the wall...
  8. C C Csiders

    Lee Barnard

    Trying to evict 11 tenants from his 14 (yes 14) bedroom property in Chelmsford: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/propertynews/10104659/Footballer-Lee-Barnard-and-Playboy-model-told-tenants-get-out-in-14-days-or-we-cut-power.html
  9. Tangled up in Blue

    "April is the cruellest month"

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21991953 The coalition government's cuts programme kicks in today, appropriately enough on April Fools Day but it's no joke for Britain poor,the elderly and families on benefits in general (many of whom are actually in work). Even Frank Field described the bedroom...
  10. Pentrating damp

    Any builders out there or those in the know give me some advice on the above? Musty smell and black marks on the wall in one bedroom where I think water is getting in through the roof (has a seperate roof rather than connected to the main one fortunately). Not to mention the room is bloody...
  11. DTS

    Question Extensions / Planning Permission

    Morning all, OK so the Mrs and I are considering getting a two story extension done. We are at really early stages in so much as we have only started meeting architects yesterday. Basic plan appears to be to go out the side of or house (were detached) and then build an extra bedroom and study...
  12. TrueBlue

    Hockley forever in my heart!!!!

    The time has come I am leaving home and the Royal Parish of Hockley under the rule of the Royal District of Rochford I will miss Hockley its all I have ever known for 26 years on this earth I have lived there I have seen friends come and go I have seen new buildings and developments I have...
  13. Jam_Man

    Old videos

    Clearing out some shelves in my daughters bedroom as she is slowly taking over all my storage space and came across these. Havent owned a VHS player in years so will have to get them converted. Look how organised I was with my little labelling machine :) [/URL]
  14. Planning Application extention

    Planning Application extention+ Changes to plans /council meeting report 26 Jan 2012 I couldn't see this mentioned anywhere else, I can't remember now exactly where we are and whether this was expected /old news or what , so apologies if old/non news Andrew Meddle Head of Planning and...
  15. DoDTS

    A Mohsni Christmas Carol

    A MOHSNI CHRISTMAS CAROL A little bit of seasonal ShrimperZone Dickensish rubbish. It was Christmas Eve and Ebenezer Mohsni was home, alone tucking into his bowl of French Onion Soup mulling over the events of the past six months when he heard a clanking noise coming from another room. He...
  16. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Every cloud .............

    Loss v Swindon has saved me (bearing in mind I have to fund SS Jnr too) maybe: 1. Away leg v Barnet £20 petrol, say £35 for two tickets, £20 for food, beer and prog, so £75 2. Home leg v Barnet (will have won it already by away leg but still gotta go) £15 petrol, £35 tickets, £20 food etc, so...
  17. Shrimpergarry

    Fixture poster?

    Trivial question, but does anyone know when this year's poster with the fixtures is likely to come out? My lad likes to put one up on his bedroom wall. Haven't seen anything about the team photo yet, so I guess it will need to wait until after that.
  18. OldBlueLady

    Received in the post today - Application to extend time limit for planning permission

    Letter received from Andrew Meddle, Head of Service (whatever that means!) at SOSBC: To demolish nightclub and training facilities; erect 22,000 seat football stadium, including 114 bedroom hotel, conference floorspace, players' hostel, food and drink concessions, bars and other ancillary...
  19. Kevin Betsy

    I'm sorry Southminster Gary, but the Soccerette on Soccer AM has a shrine to him in her bedroom. :stunned:
  20. DTS

    Mounting a TV on a wall.

    After three months solid work the Mrs and I are weeks away from moving in. We planned to mount our old 32inch tele on the wall in our bedroom. Are all TVs in effect wall monutable or if not how do I know if my TV can be put on the wall? I am not looking for a revolving bracket type thing you...