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  1. South Bank Hank

    Orient or Grimsby

    So, now our promotion is in the bag, we can sit back and watch the pain and pleasure as it grips our local rivals. It's all there for both Grimsby and Orient in League 2 but after last season's unsporting behaviour up at Grimsby: Would you prefer Orient to stay down (where they belong)...
  2. Jeff King

    Loads of Rumours going round at the moment that Jeff today has pulled his money out of Canvey FC. They'll have until the end of the season to sort something out otherwise they may well be back where they belong in the Essex Senior League. A few clubs have been mentioned as to where Jeff...


    Its in the future. A man goes to the doctors to enquire about a brain transplant. No problem says the doc, we have several available at different prices. Shows him one costing £50. Who did it belong to asks the patient. A labourer the doc replies. Shows him one costing £500. Who did this belong...
  4. New Song

    Seasiderssss, take me home... To the place I belong... Sheffield Wednesday. Wolverhampton.. Take me home, Seasiders.. Shamelessly plagiarised from Sunderland, heading in the opposite direction..
  5. Stuart Thurgood

    24th birthday today, happy birthday bombhead. Hopefull see you in back in league football again next season where you belong.
  6. C C Csiders

    Brazilian Football Team

    Work is very boring today so I have been thinking of names that sound as if they belong in a Brazilian football team. See if we can get a 1-11. I'll start: 1. Chlymadia 2. Fellatio numbers 3-11 to fill in
  7. Southendsleeper

    Who woke fans up? Who, who, who?

    Another great match. Where did all that noise come from? Who woke up the South West stand? A great atmosphere maybe evn louder than the Col U match. And the drummer made me laugh. Got the beach ball out again in the second half. Nice moment, Lawson spotting the fan with his name on his shirt...
  8. fbm

    Ron in Echo today

    Good article, double spread. Salient points: Blues still owe £4.4m to Delancey. RM not worried and we don't pay rent, discussions about which are ongoing. He is striving to buy Delancey out and hopes negotiations will reach a satisfactory conclusion quickly, with further developments soon...
  9. "Back where we belong...."

    Back where we belong...... Keep hearing it, on TV, on the radio, and from real live Spams, even Pardew's said it. They actually believe it. EXCELLENT
  10. A bizarre weekend...

    Living in Lincolnshire was always going to make Saturday an awkward journey to MilStad. Coupled with the fact I woke up Saturday feeling rough as toast (nerves, or the 'Good Luck' meal my girlfriend treated me too on Friday??) and just could not face another 4 hour drive after dashing up...
  11. Ecstatic from Brasil

    Well done Steve and the boys. We made hard work of it but deservidly went up with a quality team. Lets move forward to where we belong and there is no better person to do it with than Sir Steve Tilson who is Mr Southend in my eyes. I am off down the Lord Jim public house, Leblon to get smashed...

    what a problem it must of been on saturday for the shrimpers trust members like FBM who I assume belong to the trust only to find that "Stan the Man" was invited along by them into the Shrimpers Bar on Saturday, I assume he or her has resigned their membership on the spot, and anyone...
  13. canada shrimper

    quite funny

    This news just in . . . Math Teacher Arrested . . . ========== NYC ========== At New York's Kennedy airport today, an individual discovered to be a public school teacher was arrested for trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a setsquare, a slide...
  14. Napster

    Groundhog Day

    My favourite film... Sunday February 1, 2004 The Observer (Today) is Groundhog Day. Perhaps your diary does not remind you of this celebration; mine lists nothing between Epiphany and St Valentine's. Maybe because the 117-year-old Groundhog festival takes place in Punxsutawney, western...