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  1. Worrying comments from Bernie Friend? (Southend fan and reporter)

    He may even be on here - but seen some worrying comments from his timeline this evening online... People and Mirror reporter and Southend fan, based in Leigh.
  2. DoDTS

    No.3 TABLE "We're gonna get spanked" SOUTHEND Prediction League

    We really are useless at predicted our beloved clubs results aren't we, or perhaps we're out of touch with reality. Anyway only four scorers this week who are: Chapperzuk and Wickfordshrimper who score three points each for predicted that Fred would score our first and Its Only a Game who...
  3. Silencer

    Home form a huge worry

    Not sure what Sturrock's home form was like at previous clubs but it has been pretty poor since he joined our beloved shrimpers. Do you think the way he sets his sides up is better for away matches and on the counter attack? Six home league wins this season is relegation form and you have to...
  4. I did this accumulator a few weeks ago....

    Barcelona to win their league (1/10) Juventus to win their league (1/3) PSV to win their league (8/11) Anderlecht to win their league (1/3) Copenhagen to win their league. (1/16) Austria Vienna to win their league (4/5) Gyori ETO to win their league (2/5) Queen of the south to win...
  5. steveo

    Xmas present idea for Barna

    New clothing range inspired by Arthur Scargill: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/12/08/burton-roll-out-arthur-scargill-clothing-line_n_2261820.html?ncid=GEP Looking at some of the links on the BBC site it was interesting to see good old Arthur is taking his beloved NUM to Court as they...
  6. Pointless but trophy winners

    Not our beloved team i'm afraid, but congratulations to SUFC fan Alan R a regular TZ traveller who won through to the final on tonights BBC 'Pointless' quiz tonight. He and his team-mate came very close to winning the big money prize. :clap: Bad luck Alan but at least you beat all the...
  7. Rattus Norvegicus

    Richie Foran

    According to 4 4 2 magazine Invernesss C.T.s 'key player' for the coming season is Richie Foran. "Richie Foran has blossomed from tempermental wild-child to a clean cut, dependable captain. Now operating in a deeper midfield role, he's the heartbeat of the team." There's no mention of whether...
  8. In front of the cameras

    How often over the years has the beloved SUFC failed to impress when in front of the cameras? Aside from 42 minutes at home to Chelsea, seldom have the boys risen to the occassion. Well for obvious reasons, this HAS to change on Wednesday. This is stage 1 of the Incredible Plan that includes a...
  9. Rob Noxious


    My fellow Shrimpers ... please forgive me for not keeping you in touch with developments out west as much as I used to. Ever since my radio show has taken off - I think we now have 29 listeners if I include people's pets - I've not been able to devote as much time to you as I would like...

    Shrimpers in Crisis .. A Year by Year Account

    Prompted by a post by Stryker suggesting every year there's something that goes on at our beloved Blues, lets put some meat on the bones ... copy and paste adding your own info 2012: Allegations of player misconduct at an away match 2011: Player jailed for his part in 2010 incident, released...
  11. GNH

    **STOP PRESS** Spread Eagle public house being refurbed!

    I drove past our beloved drinking establishment earlier to day to find it is closed for 1 week for refurbishemnt. Is this the first time in living memory that it is being "done up"? What will it look like afterwards? Will there still be plastic glasses? So many questions.....I want answers!
  12. Shrimpers are Magic

    Where do you see us in ten years from now

    I'm really bored waiting for my night shift to start - this one a little off the top of my head but here goes anyway - Will we have a new stadium ? Will we be in the promised land of 2nd tier pro football ? Will Ron Martin still be around ? Will Harris have his contract extended ? Will Freddie...
  13. CC51DAS

    Splash some cash at the club today

    With apologies to the seaso's who have already paid over the odds to watch League two football out of their intense loyalty to the club, may I encourage all to dig deep into their pockets today and pay the inflated prices for burgers, coffees etc. If this 'experiment' with reduced admission...
  14. ldnfatso

    Bar Stool for Mr Sturrock in his beloved kilt

    One for Mr Sturrock.
  15. Winkle

    Turning Gay!

    Bumped into an old work colleague last week, had not seen him for 5 years and although I did'nt really socalise with him he always seemed ok. Anyway he offloaded on how after we all got our "Redundo" payoffs, his beloved of 7 yrs packed her bags and moved out with mostly all of his worldly...
  16. Rusty Shackleford

    NHS staff described as 'rude, arrogant and lazy'

    As a tribute to one of SZ's most beloved banned posters, I thought I might start linking to the Daily Mail continuously: Rusty links to the Mail
  17. It's finally happened. RIP my Beloved PlayStation 3

    Its finally happened. RIP my Beloved PlayStation 3 Lads.... HOLD ME! My PS3 just died. Started a game of FIFA and it froze, then the red light started blinking then turned off and now it's having none of it. I'm gutted. It's a launch 60GB model so I knew it was only a matter of time but I...
  18. DTS

    The Sawyer Factor - How excited are you?

    Personally I am more excited than I was at the birth of my two kids at the idea of seeing Sawyer in our beloved Blue. A few killjoys dont seem that bothered. I have had 2000 "Sawyer is our leader" t-shirts made for the event (plus a "Sawyer is our leader XXXL ponch for Fatso so he dosent feel...
  19. Winkle

    My first go at internet banking!

    I am not a dinosaur (my kids my think differently) but after changing banks I now have access to online banking. I no what you are all going to say..."I was doing all my accounts this way years ago, blah, blah blah" but truthfully I just never had the time or could be bothered and did not see...
  20. Question whats going on?

    Hello, havnt been on here for a while!! Im currently living in australia, will be returning home sometime in 2011, and was just wondering am i going to come home to find my beloved football team gone! I have read some of the rants and raves on here, and was just wondering if someone could...