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  1. Challenge94!

    Hi there fellow Shrimpers. At the start of 2009 I started of on a challenge that I predict will last (hopefully no longer!) the whole of the year. I am attempting to watch a competitive football match at each of the 94 football league grounds in the top 4 divisions in the English leagues all in...
  2. shrimperjon


    29 bloody years, 29 bloody years ive supported our beloved team and in every year of those 29 we have been so inconsistent. What i mean is we always seem to raise our game in either games that we are not expected to do well in or the BIG games. This season for example, we have taken 4 points...
  3. Rob Noxious

    Memory Lane: Postponements

    Reading about the debacle of Tuesday's postponement and the uncertainty surrounding the Swindon game has reminded me of the awful feeling of arriving in a strange town after a long journey to be confronted with the grim news that the game you'd anticipated seeing is... off. I remember driving...
  4. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Christmas Special with Backpacking Shrimper!

    The latest installment of the Interview with an exile thread, is Steve's Christmas Special from Australia - Happy Christmas everyone! Few piccies of the man himself...He loves posing for the camera, bless him :D 1) How long have you been an exile? A) Since late October 2007! Nearly...
  5. Somerset Ex-TTB

    When are most Shrimperzones going to wake up and smell the coffee

    Before I start this is not an anti Tilly thread, nor a sack the manager / board rant either. What I want to do is to open a discussion regarding the current state of the club and the direction it is going in. I have been supporting the club since 1986, so I am not one of the new fan's that is...
  6. Ron Manager

    My Roar blog - part 2

    At the start of the A-League season I posted a blog about my experiences as a newly emigrated ‘Pom’ supporting the Queensland Roar. General commitments relating to settling into the country (getting a new job, buying a car, finding somewhere to live) has meant I haven’t made it a regular thing...
  7. yogi bear up the cagire

    Clifftown road & the advance of technology

    When one wants to have a moan at modern technology and BW in particular, (I missed 20mins at the start of the match on Saturday and still can't manage to here Feds interview today), reading the article about our Cup match against Worksop in 1922 makes you understand how fortunate we are today. I...
  8. Irish_Shrimper

    Col U, the very wet Irish, and SZ rogues gallery

    Saturday started off as any other of our travels over to see Southend: Leaving for the airport at 4am. Conditions were cold, but no rain. Yet. Arrived at the very rain swept Stansted at 7:55am to grab the bus later to Southend, and got dropped off on Victoria Avenue at 10:50. Rain was so bad...
  9. seany t

    The Spurs jokes thread!

    Come on, must be a few around by now! Here's one: A man is sat in a pub with his loyal dog by his side watching his beloved Spurs on the big screen. As the final whistle blows and Spurs have lost yet again, the dog stands up on his hind legs and shouts "BOLLOCKS" at the top of his voice. A man...
  10. Mad Cyril

    Mad Cyril recession busting own brand picks.

    The first of an irregular series: Remember, saving is the new spending! This weeks tip: Sainsburys Belgian Abbaye blonde beer 5.4%. 6 bottles - £3.49. Did the trick because I drank the lot and had my beloved but outdated Tes Bramble tattoo augmented into a Frank Moussa - don't let me down...
  11. NSFW MK's Indie Club spectacular

    Though I don't ever remember this tune being played in an Indie club (far too chilled out!) it is a top tune from a band that really didn't do much else. According to YouTube it's an 18+ video 'cos it's got a BEVVY of naked ladies in it (all tastefully covering up their bits I hasn't to add)...
  12. Ridiculous

    It sickens me to see some of the ridiculous threads on here about "we're getting relegated" "we're rubbish" "tilly doesn't know what he's doing" etc etc How many games have we played? How well did we do last season at the start? Its obvious to me that the people making these pointless posts...
  13. Ron Manager

    Life In The A-League

    Before I headed off to Oz I said I'd write a regular blog about what it's like supporting a team on the other side of the world. Here is my first effort by way of an introduction to the Queensland Roar - Queensland Roar vs Adelaide United – 24th August 2008 Come On! Imagine this scenario...
  14. Winkle

    Ann Summers?

    I was driving to work this morning and started thinking about, "If I was to open a mens only shop for female shoppers what would I call it? Not that I frequent "Ann summers" on a regular basis, just the odd birthday and christmas present for the beloved, (Incidently only buying what I see as...
  15. Question Ron martin - see Question: "for Ron Martin"

    Since this Thread appears to have mysteriously dissappeared I re-post it, as we still await any repsonse. Originally Posted by Irate Ian I make no apology for re-posting these questions, first raised in thread "Ron Martin - Questions" dated 24.2.08 and which I will be meeting RM upon at...
  16. Winkle

    Question Have you regretted doing something?

    Not to many believe it or not but my most memorable was when me and the beloved was on our honeymoon. I was clowning around acting the fool, just messing about when I climbed up to the highest board to jump in the pool and just splash my missus, but what I did not see was that she was holding on...
  17. Kenny

    Sir Bobby Robson

    a real shame but it seems to have been on the cards for a while. From the Sun website. ----------- BOBBY ROBSON has won countless battles during a career which has earned him a permanent place in the nation’s hearts. But his latest fight, sadly, will be his last. English football’s favourite...
  18. JoshC

    Rant and Dec!!

    RANT AND DEC!!!! It is believed that Tv's beloved geordie duo have found themselves involved in another scandal. Just minutes after Dec's seedy past was revealed and the news that the two were arrested in connection with the mysterious fire on the pier of Weston super mare the cheeky boys have...
  19. Winkle

    Piri,Piri and sardines!

    Me and the Mrs had a week away ( without the sprogs) in sunny "Portugal which as anyone who has pubesant children time on your own is as rare as hens teeth. Anyway we was enjoying out time together, barbecues, alfresco dining and in the words of Austin powers " I found my mojo". I decided to...
  20. Winkle

    Flip flops?

    Me and the Mrs are going away next week and I have spent most of the day packing my stuff. Compared to the beloved, I have about a quarter of the suitcase for all my gear and the rest is hers (everything but the kitchen sink) She was out shopping last week and bought me some "Flip flops". Now I...