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  1. Shrimpers are Magic

    Players everyone else seems to think are brilliant but you think are rubbish

    Southend players of course. Mine was Keith Jones, totally over hyped IMO. I remember going to Wolves away midweek where he did next to nothing but the fans were wetting themselves everytime he went near the ball - I just couldn't understand why. I wasn't a big fan of Benji either but he wrote...
  2. Bobby dazzler

    Question Best chants at the hall

    Whilst in the frame of mind for best keeper I thought about the best chant heard at the hall I will start with two of my favourites He's fat, he's round, he bounces on the ground, Keith Mercer, Keith Mercer Who put the ball in the Bury net ,Benji,Benji, Who put the ball in the Bury net, Ian...
  3. Ref Watch ....... Mansfield A

    Continuing our series of "We haven't won at ...... since ....", we don't have the best of records in Mansfield. We haven't won there since 24 years ago, when Benji buried the ball in the Mansfield net for a 1-0 win. Man in charge of Saturday's match is Gary Sutton from Lincoln. He is in the...
  4. leeblue

    Where does tonight rank?

    Ok I am thirty six years old my firs season I remember is around the 83/84 mark. I have seen every promotion winning game since then. All the big cup matches etc etc. I was always of the opinion that benji scoring that goal at bury and that promotion was simply the greatest. On the way to the...
  5. Shrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Macclesfield Town

    So. Quite a big game today. With it being 21 years since Benji. Anyone fancy a chant of "who put the ball in the Bury net?" Great season regardless of today. Play up Southend!
  6. MrB

    FC - Match 6

    ShrimperZone CC v Gatley A comfortable draw last time out. With the cup in mind we're attempting to draw again by resting all 5 bowlers and hoping our batsmen can last long enough. Mario and Benji play as batsmen only. PCH next two days so might be a bit tough and in attempting to get from...
  7. MrB

    OD - Week 5

    ShrimperZone CC v nicks Xl Rested Benji and Richie, hoping we'll have enough anyway. We can tell you that nicks Xl won the toss and elected to field. The pitch is looking a bit on the dry side. A fair bit of help for the spinners I think on this partially cloudy day. End of Over 3: 26-0...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Ian Benjamin

    It's the answer to the most famous question in Southend United history: who put the ball in the Bury net? And as every Southend fan will gleefully tell you: Ian Benjamin, Ian Benjamin. Now this poll's been a long time coming*, but in some ways that's apt. *He received the required nominations...
  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty's X-Files - A Brief SUFC Themed Special

    There's not much to say anymore. Even the most pink-hued of the rose-tinted spectacle brigade are joining us in the realist corner - our beloved club is well and truly ****ed. I'm not going to post a rallying cry - I know we'll get behind the team if by some miracle we're able to get a team...
  10. MrB

    OD - Week 4

    ShrimperZone CC v Drop Catch Very tight game, they've lost all three so far but all their matches have been tight. Elected not to GFI, all at energetic or above other than Benji and Diggers. Oh and welcome back to Battrick Don!
  11. Yorkshire Blue

    Battle of.....

    Right enough of all this depressing ****. It's about time we had a new battle of. So I suggest a battle of the greatest moments in SUFC history so I can wallow in nostalgia and watch that video of Benji scoring at Bury on loop. So your nominations in please gentlemen.
  12. MrB

    Pops - 10/4

    A productive day! Benji's stamina net goes to Whitters who continues his background training. Bob Mcleod - 21 yo, BT Rating=52,046 RH batsman, RM bowler. He is a destructive player with feeble leadership skills and proficient experience. He currently has strong batting form, superb bowling...
  13. MrB

    FC - Match 4

    ShrimperZone CC v Cricket is for girls 1st v 2nd and a very tough one to call, we have the stronger overall team but they are a lot fitter after exiting the cup earlier. Have rested Benji as he's on lively meaning Graham gets a very rare FC outing. 3 days of cloud in Essex, the quicker the...
  14. superblue24

    Andy Ansah

    Picked this up off the net.....quite a good read for those who remember the legends of the early 90's... Andy Ansah’s wing wizardry for Southend United between 1990 and 1996 helped propel the club into the upper echelons of English football, as the Shrimpers bagged back-to-back promotions from...
  15. manor15

    Support Tonight

    Tonight is one of the biggest nights in the clubs history. Chelsea and Man Utd will get more attention when you flick back through the history books in 50 years time but Gillingham at Roots Hall is far more important to the future of our club. Think of all the wonderful memories you have of...
  16. Uncle Leo

    Your favourite non-goalscoring Southend moment

    Freddy vs Man Utd, Benji at Bury, Liverpool 1979, blah blah blah. We've had loads of chat on here about favourite moments supporting Southend but they've all tended to focus on great goals. But what is your favourite moment that didn't involve a goal being scored? For me, and I was reminded of...
  17. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Question Relive the best week of your life again

    If you had the opportunity to relive a week from your past what week would it be and why. When asked, I considered many options including the week my son was born, the week I got married, various Southend United experiences from Benji at Bury to Man U and Chelsea. But for some reason I...
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Spencer Prior

    Four places (I think) left to fill and next up is Spencer Prior, albeit a day late in Ron Martin style. -------------------------------------------------- Separated by over a decade, Spencer Prior had two very different careers with Southend. Either would be sufficient to get him in the Hall of...
  19. Portuguese Shrimper

    Proudest moments being a Shrimper

    Being reasonably new to this board I'll apologise in advance to you 'older' members as I'm sure this thread would have been posted before. Reading about Alan Moody triggered off the nostalgic side of me and I started going over some of the greatest moments being a blue. One of the most vivid was...
  20. Bob Cratchitt

    Happy Birthday Benji

    To one of the few, congrats mate and I hope you are still enjoying yourself in the good old USofA.