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  1. SS3

    Breaking News Interest in Bilel

    The Gaffer confirms interest in Moshni, and expects him to leave before the transer window closes http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/200812-sturrock-confirms-more-mohsni-interest-323522.aspx
  2. Cricko

    Bilel "no show" Mohsni

    So what's going on here? A no show at training for over a week, a no show at MTBD today.Rumours are rife he has gone but the club are keeping hush about it to enable a decent transfer as they have opted to take the 12 month extension out. Is this just another story to add to his past mishaps...
  3. yogi bear up the cagire

    Injury updates?

    Now that the euphoria over the re-signing of our favourite son has died down just a little, can I pose what I would consider to be a rather pertinent question. On paper we appear to be assembling one of the strongest squads in the division, yet that remains only on paper and more so, on the...
  4. Mohsni

    A wee birdie told me to waylay any fears about bilel, at the minute that media coverage is agents politicing and trying to remind any keen manager. He emphasises that bilel like any player at southend has a southend price because like any team in div two and most of div one must be a selling...
  5. CC51DAS

    Do you think Crewe will target Mohsni ?

    Have to say that I was surprised on Saturday that Crewe didn't try to wind Bilel up more than they did. Maybe they realise that he has learned to control his emotions better or maybe they were saving a few dirty tricks for the crucial second leg knowing that he can get exitable in these key...
  6. ms brush

    Bilel Mohsni - lovely article in the Echo

    Well, as some of us thought earlier in the season when it looked like he had cooked his goose, it seems as though the late start to his professional career and being away from home have contributed to some of Bil's antics this season...
  7. Col.U. Mad

    BBC Essex Saturday's round-up

    http://www.filedropper.com/bbcessex280412 about 60mb Inludes Paul Sturrock and Bilel Mohsni interview BBC Copyright
  8. ldnfatso

    Question Peter Gilbert

    It was well reported that Peter Gilbert had the hump with Bilel Mohsni after he was sent off at Oldham. Is this still the case? Did anyone notice if Gilbert congratulated Mohsni on friday for any of his goals??
  9. Perfect end to the season?

    If you asked me at the beginning of the season what the perfect end would be if I could choose it would be to beat Crawley in the playoff final at Wembley. Whilst it is a bit depressing to see how we have fallen from the autos this scenario is still very much a possibility. I wonder if the...
  10. Fail and which players will leave?

    Premature I know but should we fail to get up which senior players can you see leaving. Would Bilel, Clohessy and Hall etc atttract takers in at least the division above? I do believe contract talks started with a number of players just after Christmas but lets face it the better ones were...
  11. Pak Power

    Question Could Mohnsi end up as top goalscorer

    As unlikely as it seems, and the in and out season, abscence, Oldham, suspensions etc. Bilel could actually end up as our top goalscorer. Hall has 13 Dickinson 12 then comes Mohnsi with 9. An incredible return when you think he never takes a penalty, and Hall mostly takes the free kicks...
  12. Ayrshire Blue

    Freddy's strike partner

    It's been briefly discussed in another thread but I thought this deserved a discussion of it's own. So, who is best suited to play alongside Freddy? I see Harris and Benyon too similar to Freddy as the 'fox in the box' style forward. In my opinion there are 2 options. 1. Bilel Mohsni -...
  13. Pre-Match Thread Bristol Rovers v Southend United

    Well, team selection will be interesting for this one. No goals in midweek but now the return of the Messiah and seemingly a return to favour of Bilel Mohsni should make for a few selection dilemmas for the manager. I think I'd go for: Belford Clohessy Barker Phillips Hills Grant Dailly...
  14. Bring Paterson or Flood in from the cold

    This Saturday against Bristol Rovers I think there needs to be a change and we need players in the side who want to be there and will fight for a place. Still for whatever reason PS does not rate Paterson but he should be given a go upfront with Benyon he is an aerial threat and is young and...
  15. South Bank Hank

    This thread is unjust...

    Steve Tilson was only a good manager due to the signing of Eastwood, Prior, Goater and all those other good players that he was lucky enough to sign... Paul Sturrock is entirely responsible for Bilel's failure to control his passions... Murdering Vanessa Feltz carries the same penalty as...
  16. Bilel Mohsni - what is actually happening with him?

    Just wanted to see if anyone actually knows what the score is with Bilel Mohsni, is he coming back into the fold or is he just going to waste away not even being on the bench....... Keep checking on the website etc but not seen any club statements about him since the last incident. So does...
  17. Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Accrington

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting bored of discussing Bilel Moshni's future and Monday night's game. In case it had escaped anyone's notice there's a game on tomorrow and 3 points up for grabs. So I thought I'd start the pre-match thread. I expect us to remain unchanged up front...

    Southend Virtual XI

    Before those plainly lacking a sense of humour get their knickers in a twist this is a light-hearted thread ... 2011/12 players only GK: Daniel Bentley LB: Teddy Nesbitt CB: Pat Baldwin CB: Bilel Mohsni RB: Anthony Furlonge LM: Ryan Leonard CM: Alex Woodyard RM: Kyle Asante F: Matt Paterson F...
  19. What do you suspect the Mohsni verdict will be?

    Since saturday Paul Sturrock has refused to discuss the latest shannanigans of Bilel Mohsni. But he says he will release a statement regarding the player this week. Do you suspect his time is up this time or will he be spared yet again? That's not what you hope or wish for but what you think...
  20. Cricko

    Will we cut our nose to spite our face

    With the reported misdemeanours of Hall, Dickinson and Ferdinand and the prospect of Bilel being home in France, how would you think this may effect the teams selection next Saturday against Burton. These 4 players have been very involved all through the season, does PS drop the lot of them for...