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  1. European music artists of any worth.

    Lets face it, most music from our European neighbours is dismal, so let's start a list of those bands/artists who's musical output is worthy of a spot for ShrimperZone's musical fascists :winking: Sweden - Abba, Wannadies, The Knife. France - Les Negresses Verte, Daft Punk. Iceland -...
  2. Crawliano

    QF3 - Bjork "All Is Full of Love" v 4 - Beastie Boys "Sabotage"

    Mental Icelandic woman takes on NY's finest.
  3. Crawliano

    Heat 3 - 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack v 'All Is Full of Love' - Bjork

    Babies v Robots... Do your thing.
  4. Female songwriters

    As their is not a single lady entrant in the latest Battle of, I've been wondering why that is? There's some great female songwriters out there - Carole King, Patti Smith, Bjork, Tori Amos for example, but not a single one made the 32. Are we all sexist pigs?
  5. Uncle Leo

    Just one letter of the alphabet....

    Bit of a twist on Desert Island Discs here. You're stuck on the proverbial desert island, but can only take music by artists all beginning with the same letter. So if you go for 'Q' that'd be, for example, Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, Queensryche and, erm, Eoghan Quigg. You're also limited...
  6. it's all so quiet

    still some time though... hayes, currie, sodje, beckham... who is it going to be!!!?
  7. Myspace music

    A simple question - do you think the "Myspace revolution" is changing the music industry for the better? I'm just curious to see how many poeple here frequent the site and use it to find new music. Personally, I think it's a great thing - for a start it means that anybody...
  8. Davros

    Midweeks 3

    I was at a clients office yesterday so couldnt sit on the net all day ala most days, but here they are... Singles 01 (NE) Elvis Presley - Rock-A-Hula Baby 02 (NE) Stereophonics - Dakota 03 (01) Nelly ft. Tim McGraw - Over & Over 04 (02) Jennifer Lopez - Get Right 05 (NE) Cabin Crew -...
  9. Famous people you fancy

    You know, everyone else thinks they're minging but for some reason you really fancy them but even you can't put your finger on why. I'll start off with Bjork for me.