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blair sturrock

  1. Seedy Nigel

    Blair Sturrock

    Just came across this interesting interview with Blair about his psychological health worsening during his time in football, with depression and anxiety dominating his professional and personal life. He says during the interview that he felt very isolated for being the son of Paul Sturrock due...
  2. C C Csiders

    Southend United XI with a more famous relative

    How about a Southend United XI consisting solely of players who had a more famous dad or brother who also played footabll (not cousins or third cousins, five times removed). Also you can only have one member of the family (so ruling out both Worthington's) and the more famous relative cannot...
  3. Westcliff Shrimper

    Breaking News Blair Sturrock signs for Bishops Stortford

    Cue the "he's found his right level" gags... http://nonleague.pitchero.com/news/sturrock-joins-bishops-stortford-17007/
  4. Rob Noxious

    Blair Sturrock video

    Just in case you wondered what he's been up to lately ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTniWCh0nwo&feature=share
  5. lee bradbury is a legend

    Blair Sturrock

    Signs new deal until end of the season. (not sure if this has been mentioned on here already?)

    Southend Virtual XI

    Before those plainly lacking a sense of humour get their knickers in a twist this is a light-hearted thread ... 2011/12 players only GK: Daniel Bentley LB: Teddy Nesbitt CB: Pat Baldwin CB: Bilel Mohsni RB: Anthony Furlonge LM: Ryan Leonard CM: Alex Woodyard RM: Kyle Asante F: Matt Paterson F...
  7. danburyshrimper

    Sturrock : Master tactician

    Paul Sturrock is a genius. He knows that the best day ever for southend supporters ( not including cup matches ) was the league play off final in Cardiff. He also knew how gutted we were to lose out to Swindon + not go to Wembley in the JPT. He realises that by finishing 4th we will have a 2...
  8. Maldon Blues

    Blair Sturrock booing

    Despite being 4-1 up and cruising, Blair Sturrock is still greeting by boos from some in the South Upper when coming on as a late substitute. I really do despair.
  9. RobM

    Player ratings suggestion.

    How about a player's rating is his score multiplied by the number of minutes on the pitch? That would stop a sub getting 8/10 for 5 minutes against someone playing a full match and getting 7/10 e.g. Blair Sturrock - rating 7/10 and played for 74 minutes. So he'd score 7x74= 518 points. e.g...
  10. Sherif H

    Blair Sturrock - a plea to our so-called fans...

    For various reasons I have no season ticket this year (principally work committments)...so I now pick and chose my seat when I can attend home matches. Having chosen to sit in the East Stand, I expected some moaning from the often older (should know better) brigade, but I have to say, I am...
  11. Smiffy

    Surplus to Requirements?

    So, with our summer dealings complete (for the moment) it is evident that we need a clear out. We now have at least 30 players to choose from - HERE When did we last have this many!?... I would also suggest that we must have one of the biggest squads at this level. With that in mind. Who...
  12. Not looking good for Blair either

    Looks like Blair Sturrock could also miss start of season. Hopefully this gives more impetus to bringing another stricker in.Never a dull moment!!!
  13. Breaking News Blair extends stay

    @SUFCRootsHall just tweeted that Blair Sturrock has signed a new deal.
  14. Blair Sturrock Sci-fi Q&A

    Blair Sturrock Sci-fi Q&A General Questions Do you believe in aliens? The universe is vast and endless there has to be ET’S running around somewhere. Do you know any Klingon? Heghlu’meh QaQ jajvam = today is a good day to die Do you have a copy of Star Trekkin by the Firm? Sorry to say...
  15. Sturrock OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Its time to take a stand, lets get the sturrock family out as early as we can. Its "flumping" astonishing playing his son, its nod kids football on a "fluffy bunnies" sunday paul, you cant make your son; striler, captain, penalty taker .... If thats what they do in scotland, christ no wonder...
  16. Team vs Stockport

    I have on good authority this will be the starting side on Saturday. ------------------Glen Morris---------------------- Sean Clohessy Graham Coughlan Chris Barker Ryan Hall --------------Alex Woodyard------------------------ ---------Anthony Grant Jamie Stevens------------...
  17. Blair Sturrock -

    delighted that the mangers son managed smash one in from 4 yards out - and get his pic on the OS - he does get such an easy ride compared to the stick Harrold and Paynter used to get - but he should learn to take defeat on the chin and not to make disrespectful remarks about the opposition...
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    Blair Sturrock

    I'm fed up with the constant sniping about Blair Sturrock from certain supporters with chips on their shoulders. If you've actually been paying attention this season you'll have spotted how Sturrock contributes: the way he has the vision to switch play, the way he stretches defences with his...
  19. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Question WORST penalty EVER!?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGbovgVURk0&feature=related ONE BLAIR STURROCK, THERE'S ONLY ONE BLAIR STURROCK! WE ARE GOING UP!
  20. Question Strikers ?

    After loosing matt paterson for a month and sturrock saying he may not come back dont you think sturrock should of given him the chance ? Just look at spencer he wasnt even on the reserve sub bench ? And paterson was only on the reserve bench ? :duh: To be honest the strikers we have now are...