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  1. CC51DAS

    Who says season is over ??

    Most of us would have taken a point at Plymouth and the same at Blackburn. But what if, after yesterday's rousing performance, we could somehow magic 3 points at Blackburn? Here's a summary of the key remaining fixtures of the main contenders for the last two play-off places - against each...
  2. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Question Block A / C and D in East Stand Tickets

    Does anybody know why you can't buy tickets for these blocks for any of the upcoming games? I have people that want to come and its pointless if they cant sit with or near me? I also have my 3 free season ticket purchases that I would like to use.
  3. Spaceman Spiff

    Blocks Y and Z open

    Should be a great home attendance hopefully
  4. Jam_Man

    Evening Echo : Three Tower Blocks and bigger retail park to Fund 21,000 seat Stadiium

    Front page news on the Echo. Three tower blocks to fund the stadium and stadium to be smaller at 21,000. As planning permission expired and plans are different with a much bigger retail park it is likely to have to go to the government again. However the most interesting thing in the article...
  5. DoDTS

    WEMBLEY Tickets

    Woops! I've posted this on the wrong forum, it should have been on the Away Travel forum. This Wembley fever is a terrible thing well might as well leave it where it is! I'm sure that this has/will be posted or quoted numerous times but I will leave here as a sticky for easy reference...
  6. Bobby dazzler

    Daniel Bentley How many points a season will he save us ?

    After todays performance in which we kept another clean sheet, I am left asking myself the following question. How many points will our young keeper save us this season ? Today we took a deserved two nil lead and then it was pretty average in my book. Some good passing and movement but as in...
  7. Dear RM....

    Dear RM, oh exalted leader would it be at all possible to make a press release that involves nothing more than facts? Let the fans know a few things so that our debates are more informed. Is there an embargo? Does PB have a transfer kitty? Will the s106 be satisfied in the near...
  8. TrueBlue

    North Bank for Saturday

    Just been down the club for a quick meeting, and I am pleased to confirm the North Bank WILL BE OPEN for the York City game this Saturday. It will be open as it was last season with the same setup the club will give 2 blocks to York city then there will be a 2 block no mans land behind the goal...
  9. DTS

    What a difference a Plymouth at home makes.

    Last seasons visit of Plymouth was probably the worst point of the season for me (I did miss AFC Wimbledon at home to be fair) and for me was the straw that broke the camels back. The side that night put in one of the most spineless displays I have ever seen. We were literally out fought in...
  10. TrueBlue

    No North Bank for Gillingham....

    I have been back and forth with the club last week or so over this issue and it looks nailed on the we will not be having the North Bank for the Gillingham game, all North Bank season ticket holders will be getting this letter, however I have told the club I will stick a copy of it on here for...
  11. Greebosan

    Statistics from Crewe game

    Hello all, not intending to bring up unhappy memories from our final game of the season, but I have recently re-watched the game and done some stats on players performances. No idea if this will be of interest to anyone but I love this sort of thing. This is entirely my take on the game...
  12. Cricko

    Roots Hall Proposals

    Plans to bulldoze flats to allow a new supermarket to be built on Southend United's ground are being pushed through. Sainsbury's, which will bankroll the Blue's new stadium at Fossetts Farm in return for developing Roots Hall has submitted proposals for the relocation of St Mary's Court. A...
  13. Wembley prices for L1 final

    Hi all, for a rough idea of costs/allocations etc...
  14. Describe your journey to work.

    Reading the saddlers thread got me thinking about my bad old days of being stuck in traffic and stuff and made me realise just how damn lucky i really am so i thought how do most zoners travel to work and is the trip as nice as mine. Yesterday i was working half a hour away from home and there...
  15. Smiffy

    Pre-Match Thread Southend v Oxford

    What a battle this should prove to be. 1st v 4th. The two best defences in League Two go head to head. With us undefeated in 6 at The hall. Oxford on the road have been a bit up and down - P8 W4 D1 L3 F8 A7. But you only have to look at their goals For and Against to realise that they are a...
  16. Out of exile

    For various reasons I'm thinking of coming back for the weekend and watching my first Southend match in what feels like ages (against Bristol Rovers). Just a few questions to ask first: 1) Can you still turn up on the day and get tickets for the blocks in the west stand stand closest the away...
  17. canveyshrimper


    I can't get a link to this, but I've just read a piece in one of the financial columns. Shares in propert group Minerva soared yesterday after it accepted a £194m takeover bid - the third offer for the company in the last 3 years. Minerva which owns property blocks in the City of London and...
  18. number11

    Victoria Avenue

    I had the 'pleasure' of travelling along here yesterday and, although maybe I was just feeling melancholy at it being the end of the weekend, I was struck by how thoroughly sad and depressing the section nearest town looks. I've known people who have at various times worked at the Heath's...
  19. Smiffy

    Question Will you be in the North Bank?

    So with the news today, that the North Bank will be open to Southend fans once again, for the Yeovil & Stockport games. Will you be joining The Blue Voice and help to create a fantastic atmosphere, that could keep our lads in League One? Season Card holders will be able to transfer easily and...
  20. TrueBlue

    SZ Battle: BLUEBLOOD vs TrueBlue (Part 3)

    Tonight will see the 3rd match between me and BLUEBLOOD in our 12 month epic match series, the score in the series after 2 games are 1-1 with BLUEBLOOD taking the first spoils in January but then myself striking back after a 10 leg unbeaten run to win in Feb January - BLUEBLOOD February -...